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Who Fancies A Familymoon?

We’ve all heard of the honeymoon but have you met the ‘familymoon’? This is a modern approach for those eschewing a traditional adults-only honeymoon. Instead, the familymoon involves (you’ve guessed it), the kids and maybe even the grandparents and pets too. Nowadays there are many couples who have already had children before deciding to get married. Or blended families who bring with children from previous relationships. Gaining in popularity, the familymoon has become a holiday category of its own.

When I got married we had no other dependents. We thought nothing of packing up and jetting off for a fortnight to New Zealand. The trip was wonderful, with New Zealand surpassing my high expectations. From hiking the glacial fjords to sampling the Marlborough wines, two weeks just wasn’t enough. Fast forward ten years and we decided to take our own kids to revisit some of our honeymoon haunts. Whilst it wasn’t quite as relaxing as our original trip, it was made much more memorable by having our own children in tow.

I can therefore see why the idea of a familymoon is tempting. Bringing your kids with you to celebrate this big milestone in life is special. It is a chance for the kids to actually be a part of the celebration. In addition, it can be a fun way for kids on both sides to come together and create one big family. For some, this is the only practical way of celebrating their honeymoon. Perhaps you’ve both got kids from previous marriages and you don’t have the childcare to escape on an adults-only trip. Or this new post-Covid world has made you uneasy about leaving the kids for an overseas trip in case rules change and you aren’t able to return as quickly.

My idea of the perfect familymoon would be where I can combine alone time with my partner and fun for all the family. I’m thinking, a luxury all-inclusive beach resort like Beaches, with a kids club, where we can dip in and out of activities together. Better yet, where I can hire a nanny for the evenings, to enjoy romantic candlelight honeymoon dinners on the beach.

Whilst I’m not hoping for another marriage in my future (!), the idea of a vow renewal for our next big anniversary is very appealing. Somewhere romantic, on the beach and of course, with all the kids in tow….

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