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WhizRider Review

I live in Singapore where car ownership is eye wateringly expensive.  Thankfully we have an efficient public transport system and decently priced taxi options.  Yet when taking a taxi, how best can we transport our kids safely?  I’ve checked out a number of options over the years from the Boostapak to the Mifold.  Today I’m sharing our review of the WhizRider which claims to be ‘safest and smallest compact car seat option for a child’.  This is great news for parents who are out and about and need to lug around a car seat in their bag.  As compared to a traditional booster, the WhizRider consists of a harness with leg loops and clips.

I’m interested… how small is this thing really?

WhizRider claims it is the size of a medium coffee cup. I would say it’s probably a bit bigger but it’s certainly the most compact car seat I’ve come across.  It comes with a handy pouch and you can easily squish it into your handbag/backpack.  Best of all, it really is lightweight and I would have no problem carrying it around all day.

photo of a red WhizRider pouch that carries a WhizRider

What age can I use it?

WhizRider is offered in 2 sizes (small and large) and is adjustable to fit children from ages 3 to 10 years old.

How does it work?

The website has a 5 step guide as follows, far more eloquent than something I can regurgitate…

1. Place the WhizRider vest on the child.
2. Snap the buckles closed on the chest and leg loops.
3. Once the child is sitting in the back seat, put the car seat belt on and buckle it.
4. Insert the car lap belt into the steel, leg loop clips.
5. Insert the car shoulder belt into the steel, shoulder clip.

How comfortable is the WhizRider?

I think the WhizRider is best suited to younger kids. Although you can wear it up to age 10, my 10 year old was mortified about wearing the vest.  The 7 year old was happy to put it on and liked the shiny straps. I think the 2-6yo market is the sweet spot.

How safe is the WhizRider?

As the WhizRider is a harness system, it anchors the seatbelt in a safer position than a booster. In fact submarining (when the child slides under the lap belt) is a common problem with boosters.  The upper clip keeps the shoulder belt down and the leg loops (inspired by rock climbing gear) prevent slipping.
WhizRider was designed and tested based on the U.S. federal regulation standards.  It is fully approved for use in Singapore. Check here to see whether your country is listed.
FYI car seat regulations and advice do change.  To learn more about what car seat is right for your child, investigate your home government policy e.g. NHTSA

Should I buy a WhizRider?

If you are in and out of taxis (e.g. on vacation), this will come in really handy.  The WhizRider is also useful when you are trying to seat 3 kids safely in the backseat and there’s not enough room for 3 boosters.

Where can I buy a WhizRider?

The WhizRider is currently for sale on Indigogo and ships worldwide. There are two sizes; Small and Large and two colours; dark pink or blue.  There are several special offers, depending on how many you want to purchase.  One is on sale at the moment for SGD 100 / EUR 66
Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a WhizRider for review. I was not paid for this review and this is my opinion.

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