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Visiting Kalbarri, Western Australia

If you’re a Geography geek like me, Western Australia will serve up plentiful gems for you to feast your eyes on. After spending the weekend with dolphins, dugongs and turtles in Shark Bay, it was time to head South to Kalbarri.  Forty minutes out of Denham, leads you to the aptly named Shell Beach, one of only two beaches in the world made entirely from shells.  The area’s high salinity, led to an abundance of cockle shells, crunchy underfoot and rather pleasing to the eye.  The beach stretches for over 70km and should you wish to take a dip, you’ll Dead Sea worthy floating sea.

photo of daniel at Shell beach, western australia

Close by are the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites – not an Italian dish but the the oldest and largest living fossils on earth. A jetty takes you on a short walk to the admire the stromatolites, apparently this is what earth may have looked like billions of years ago.

photo of Hamelin pool stromatolites

We then drove approx. three hours down to beautiful Kalbarri, nestled at the mouth of the Murchison River.  The area is famous for its sandstone, with stunning cliffs plunging to the ocean.  After checking in to the (rather average) Kalbarri Edge Resort, we drove out to the coastal trails.  There’s a number of different routes, all with majestic views. We walked part of the Melabuca Trail and then drove on to walk to Natural Bridge and Island Rock.

photo of kalbarri cliffs

We ate two incredible meals in Kalbarri, a dinner at the Upstairs Restaurant and the BEST EGGS I HAVE EVER EATEN at the Gorges Cafe. The town itself has a laid-back seaside vibe and is a fantastic launching pad for all the activities in the area.  Be sure to finish your amazing eggs in time for the daily pelican feeding at 8.45am.  This is run by local volunteers so be sure to donate if you enjoy yourself!

photo of eggs at The gorges Kalbarri

Kalbarri National Park serves up instagram worthy snapshots of the beauty of Western Australia. The Murchison River has cut an 80km gorge through the sandstone to create the famous features such as Nature’s Window and the Loop.  The scenery is beautiful and there are various hiking options available. If flies bother you, you may want to invest in a hat with net. If I’d had more time, I would have loved to have gone kayaking.

photo of kalbarri national park

From Kalbarri we drove 6 hours (yes ridiculous to do in one day but we were running short on time). We didn’t have the chance to explore much of Perth on our return but we did stay in one of the nicest B&Bs around, Haven On The Park.  I would stay there again in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the fact there’s a no-kids policy (perhaps why it’s so nice?) Although the lovely owner assured us he’s now building some family friendly options.

photo of natures window, kalbarri

  • Katherine


    I used to live in WA and still hadn’t heard of Kalbarri. That’s pretty bad. What an awesome place, I’d love to go back and visit Shell Beach especially! #FarawayFiles

  • Lyn @ A Hole in my Shoe


    Sadly I’ve lived in Perth most of my life and still never made it to Kalbarri. This article shows I simply make it there soon.

  • Katy


    We really need to get over to WA ASAP! The landscapes are so raw and beautiful. I’d love to see the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites. I suspect I would take a million photos. What a unique and special sight. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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