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US Family Road Trip Ideas

Visiting Nasa in Houston - well worth a trip

One trip we look forward to more than most is our annual US roadtrip.  My husband and I started this tradition about ten years ago with the classic California road trip where we drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco, looping back down to Vegas.  Since then we haven’t let having kids get in the way of these trips and they look forward to them as much as we do.

Argo Panning for gems

A huge amount of planning goes into these two week trips.  The first decision is where to go – largely driven by the weather (we tend to travel during school summer holidays) and the food we want to eat (thanks to Man Vs. Food for that).  As we are based in Hong Kong, I usually book a flight into Los Angeles and then figure out how we will get to our next destination from there.  

The idea of a road trip with small kids can seem quite daunting but I promise you, it is really fun for the family.  You can tailor it easily to your budget, the US is extremely kid friendly and you do get used to being on the go.  The likes of sites like airbnb has also made it easier to stay in larger, more affordable accommodation.  In fact we stayed in a huge 5 bed mansion in Denver that was the same price as two hotel rooms.

I’m often asked for the routes we have done so I thought it would be useful to list them all in one place (except our southern California/Palm Springs one as I forgot to write it up).  Please feel free to drop me a line jetlagandmayhem AT gmail if you have any more in-depth questions!






I hate picking favourites but if I had to recommend one in particular, I would say Colorado was a real highlight for us. That said, if you love BBQ then you need to visit Texas, home to the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten.  

Daniel at The Salt Lick (BBQ Heaven)

Where are we off to this summer you may ask?  Looks like Louisiana! I’m still in the planning stages but I’m very excited about New Orleans and beyond. If you have any tips for me, I would love to hear from you.


  • Jenn Grahams


    New Orleans has been on my bucket list! I know a couple who goes there every year! I hope you have a great time! Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips to offer because I haven’t been there yet. When I *do* go someday, I fully intend to try a po’boy and some gumbo!

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