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TravelSnug Review – The Airline Seat Cushion Liner

The family traveller welcomes with open arms any products that can make traveling with kids that much easier. Particularly if it helps them go to sleep on a plane.  So today, let me introduce you to the TravelSnug, an airline seat cushion liner for children.


The brand originates in the UK and came about through one of its founders frequently flying between the States and the UK with two little ones only 15 months apart. She struggled to get them comfortable on their seats and to keep them safe from passing people in the aisle and the trolleys. They searched for a comfy cushion that would cocoon them, couldn’t find one and so made their own.

There are two sizes of Travelsnug, 15 mths to 3 years and 3 to 6 years.  You can also buy versions of each that come with harness straps for use in a car or stroller.  The Travelsnug consists of two parts, the airline seat cushion liner and then a matching blanket.  It is made of a cosy, soft fleece and comes in a variety of colourful, kid friendly colours.

When you’re not using it, the Travelsnug rolls up into a big fluffy sausage that kids can carry using the shoulder straps.  You can see instructions on how to fold it up here.  Check out Wander Mum carrying hers through the airport below!


I was lucky enough to receive one to test out.  However, I didn’t feel our two hour flight to Phuket would do it justice so loaned it to my neighbour who was flying 12 hours to New Zealand with 3 kids. She thought it was brilliant.  


The TravelSnug made the airline seat very cosy for her four year old and doubled up as a bedding cocoon for her 1 year old in the airport.  


In fact this is a genius product if you’re ever sitting around at the gate enduring a flight delay!  The kids also used it as a snuggly cushion each night in the campervan.  Her only critique is that it can be quite bulky to carry although you can dangle it from a stroller.

The TravelSnug is manufactured in the UK, please contact them directly for international shipping enquiries.  They are pricey at approx. GBP 60 but you can get maximum use out of it if you travel frequently and as a stroller liner etc. For more information on how to purchase a TravelSnug, click here.



  • MummyTravels


    I saw another travel blogger who’d tried these and they look amazing. We should have a few long – haul flights coming up so trying to work out if it justifies the price (and carrying it!)

  • Elizabeth (Wander Mum)


    Thanks for including my pic and link Nicola. We found it really useful…my daughter struggles to sleep in normal seats but the travel snug solved that. I love the colours too. Xx

  • Bryan Coventry


    My wife has tried three times to contact this company to no avail.

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