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This is an advice site for travelling with kids.  So I will stop lavishing you with details on how my weekend away without kids is going (thank you for asking, it’s fabulous, I’ve read two books and not woken up before 10am). Instead dear reader, let me share some great kids foodie travel products.

First off, the BenBat Yummigo Booster Seat.  If you need a sturdy, portable solution for taking away on vacation or even just out to your local restaurant, this is a great chair.  You could also keep this as a regular addition at your dining table instead of buying a high chair.

Sky in Yummigo

The Yummigo is a chair and lunchbox in one.  There’s lots of room to store food and drinks and there’s a strap to easily carry.  If you’re looking for a smaller, lightweight chair then go for a cloth version like a Totseat.  If you need a bigger chair that will seat your toddler comfortably for the duration of a meal, I can highly recommend the Yummigo Booster.

In Hong Kong, the Yummigo is HKD $399 and available from Bumps to Babes, Noble Time and Baby Central.

I try to feed my kids as healthily as i can when we’re on the go.  A great way to enable this is to buy a snackpot.  I’ve loved using the OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup, which is BPA/PVC free.  Kids can then easily hold onto the handle and help themselves to their snacks without spilling any of it on the floor.  It also comes with a travel cover to keep snacks contained while on the go.

6112700_Flippy Snack Cup_orange

In Hong Kong, the snackpot is HKD $89 and you can find it at Baby Central, Bumps to Babes, Tiny Footprints, Toys ‘R’Us.

I am still on the hunt for the perfect kids drinks bottle.  It needs to be easy to clean, without fiddly straw inserts that break and absolutely no spillage.  Any suggestions?

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    As far as I can tell, the perfect drinks bottle is actually a straw in a little container that you put into any old glass or bottle. Of course, that only works from straw-sucking age. I have been through many and none stand out, although the avent series has been best I suppose. Once they turn 2.5 mine put up with adult water bottles!

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