Travel Product Review: The Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail

Despite wanting to keep my 3-year-old in a cot forever (no escape!) she desperately wanted to be in her own bed. Which is fine except she seems incapable of staying in it and often rolls onto the floor in the middle of the night.  One saving grace has been our inflatable bed rail which keeps her safely wedged in.  Whilst a lot of bed rails are big and cumbersome, this product is perfect for home and travel as once deflated, it takes up very little space and at 278g is very light.

The Shrunks deflated

The Shrunks Wally inflatable bed rail measures 122cm x 18cm x 10cm and once inflated, you simply wedge it under the bed sheets.  

Therefore instead of creating a makeshift barricade in a hotel room…

Wedged in bed - shrink

I can easily stick the bed rail in!

The Shrunks Bed - Shrink

The rail comes with a foot pump although I think it’s actually quicker to just blow it up with your mouth.

The downside

Can’t really see one.  As I haven’t bought the other kind of bed rail, I’m not sure how it compares on price. The Shrunks inflatable bed rail is HKD $249 which I think is very reasonable given the fact it’s in her bed permanently.

The upside

  • You can use it under any twin/queen/king sheet.  
  • Versatile – the rail is perfect for use at home, sleepovers, travel etc.
  • It genuinely stops her falling out of bed

Where can I buy one?

In Hong Kong they are available from Bumps to babes and baby outlet. Outside, please check the Shrunks website for stockists


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