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Travel Pillow Review: The J-Pillow

Are you able to get comfortable in one of those tiny seats on a plane?  You can often find me in a variety of positions from head down on the tray table (crick in the neck) to sideways with my feet curled up under me (pins and needles in the legs).  Unless you have the luxury of tucking yourself up in a flat bed, flying longhaul in a squashed seat is uncomfortable.

Enter the world of the travel pillow.  It seems more and more longhaul travellers are to be seen sauntering through the airport with a travel pillow swaying from their cabin luggage.  On my return flight from London to Hong Kong (eleven loooong hours), I too became one of those ‘travel pillow’ people.  I had been sent a J-pillow to review which has an ingenious design to help you sleep sitting up.  So did it help?  Absolutely!

How does it work?
The pillow has three ‘legs’; one leg for the back of the head, one for the side of the head and you place the ‘trunk’ under the chin.  I’m not explaining it well, you’d better take a look at this picture:

About the j-pillow

J Pillow

I have a bad neck so I found the support of the J-pillow invaluable.  It is also super soft and makes for a much more comfortable night’s sleep when you are sitting upright!  When I wasn’t using the J-pillow, my kids commandeered it as a soft toy to snuggle up with.

Daisy with J-pillow

The padded J-pillow is quite big but easily clips to your hand luggage.  There is also an inflatable version of the J-pillow for sale with all the same features but also the ability to fold flat.

At GBP £19.95 I think the J-pillow is a worthwhile investment, especially as there is free shipping to many countries including UK, USA and Hong Kong.


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a J-pillow for review.  All thoughts are my own and I was not paid for this review!

  • TylerinGA


    The Thermarest pillow works great for me. Ive been using it for years to travel with now. The other pillows always end up hurting my neck. I even use it for when I go camping or on long car rides. Check out http://travelmadeez.net/comfort

  • The Guy


    I agree it is certainly a worthwhile investment even if the shape is a little, shall we say, weird.

    I bought one a few months ago and already used it on 4 long haul flights. 2 of those flights were in excess of 13 hours each and I’ve yet to suffer a sore neck. Well worth the reasonable price for a lot of peace of mind.

    You can read my review on my blog if you are interested in what I thought.

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