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Travel Grobag Review

Sky in the Travel GrobagMy kids are part of the Grobag generation.  ‘What on earth is this?’ I remember my mum exclaiming as I was zipping up my daughter into her Grobag to go to bed.  I explained how this sleeping bag contraption was the done thing and she was soon won over by its benefits of safer sleeping, no covers to kick off and no extra blankets to have to wash!

I’ve taken my Grobags all over the world so was recently DELIGHTED to be sent a ‘Travel Grobag’ which fits a 5 point harness.  Genius.

The ‘Travel Grobag’ is essentially the same as a regular one except it has a small velcro opening at the back through which you can put a 5 point harness.  The front has a two way zip to close the Grobag around the harness/buckle.  This way you can easily transfer your sleeping baby to its car seat/buggy with minimal fuss.

I also love the extra feature in the packaging of a cardboard nursery thermometer, the perfect lightweight travel accessory!

Grobags are available in 3 Tog sizes; 2.5 for All Year Round, 1.0 for Summer & Daytime Naps and 0.5 for Holidays/Heatwaves

In Hong Kong, the Grobag is HKD $439 and available from Bumps to Babes, Mothercare and Toys ‘R’ Us.  Outside of HK, check with http://gro.co.uk/contact-us for stockists


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