Travel blackout blinds

We’ve just moved apartment and the door of our ensuite has an opaque window – annoying if you’re trying to sleep and your partner’s in the bathroom. My ingenious husband has solved this by taping some black paper over the window.

I was suddenly reminded of all the hotel rooms and bathrooms where I wish we had blackout.  When travelling with my daughter, we would often park her travel cot in the bathroom for the night.  This is normally a failsafe plan apart from those hotels that have random windows with no blinds in their bathrooms.

There are some products on the market like the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind that attach to windows with suction cups.

However, it’s still quite bulky although relatively inexpensive at 25 pounds on

If I am organised I’m going to do as my husband and buy cheap black card to pack at the bottom of my suitcase with some double sided tape.  What are the chances of that happening?!


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