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5 Of The Best Romantic Hotels

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I have put together my 5 favourite romantic hotels for you. It’s not often I get to go away for some child-free quiet time.  In fact most of our vacations are spent in a highly unromantic setting, sharing hotel rooms and falling asleep with the kids at 9pm!  With Mr Jetlag overseas in the US, this Valentine’s Day will see me sitting on the sofa, devouring whatever romantic fluff they’ve deposited on Netflix. Which is fine by me, as a) I find going out to a restaurant on V-day a bit naff and b) our wedding anniversary is on Feb 18th, which leaves him time to read this list…

  1. Amanpulo, Philippines (accessible by small plane from Manila airport)

    I have no words to describe how beautiful this Philippine island is.  Paradise?  No that doesn’t seem good enough.  It’s the ultimate romantic retreat, a private island in the Palawan province.  As part of the gilt-edged Aman chain, this hotel is no budget break.  But if you are saving up for an extra special treat (I visited for my 10th wedding anniversary), may I highly recommend it.  The food, the staff, the turquoise water, the powder beach. The Amanpulo is one of my favourite places on earth.

  2. Cempedak Island (accessible from Singapore by ferry plus car transfer)

    This Indonesian private island gem makes the list as there are NO KIDS ALLOWED. Read my review for an in-depth look on why this place is so fantastic. Suffice to say the food is some of the best I’ve ever eaten at a resort and the rooms are simply stunning.
    Bedroom Villa Cempedak

  3. Soho Farmhouse (2 hrs drive from London)

    Part of famed Soho House group, Soho Farmhouse, is a luxuriously rustic retreat in the Cotswolds.  This place is sells the British country hotel dream – sumptuous cabins with roaring log fires, comfy beds and beautiful bath tubs. Non-members can stay at Soho Farmhouse although it’s cheaper if you head there with a member.  Although I’m suggesting Farmhouse for a Valentine’s visit, it’s equally fun with a gaggle of mates, as I found out last year. No greater love than friendship.

  4. ICEHOTEL, Swedish Lapland (fly or take train to Kiruna, Sweden)

    Here’s one I haven’t been to but is very much on the romantic hotel bucket list.  The ICEHOTEL – is reborn in a new guise every winter, in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi – 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. There’s a choice of rooms, including normal ‘warm’ ones but really, what’s the point. You’re there for the Elsa style palace, sleeping on a bed of reindeer hides.

  5. Aman Beijing, China

    ‘You know’, a friend remarked to me the other day, ‘if you stay at the Aman Summer Palace Hotel, there’s a secret entrance to the Summer Palace and you can get in before all the tourists’.  I nodded my head wisely because I really did know. My friend Celine had written a review on the Aman Summer Palace about 4 years ago.  Truth be told, I really didn’t want to put another Aman hotel on my list as they are SO expensive. Yet they operate these magical properties (I’m also looking at you Amanjiwo and you Amangiri) and I’m seduced. Which is what you want from your romantic weekend away #amanjunkie


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