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Top 5 Items To Pack In Hand Luggage

It’s that time of year where many of us are jetting off for our summer holiday or in my case, to visit family back home in the UK.  I’m a bit weird in that I absolutely love to pack although if you start too soon, you inevitably forget stuff (or a wayward toddler starts removing/adding things to your suitcase).  We all have our own essentials to pack in hand luggage but here are my top 5:

  • Pashmina/shawl – A versatile piece of kit from glamourising your outfit (don’t even think about getting upgraded) to covering up a cold toddler when they’ve run out of blankets to creating blackout over an airline bassinet.
  • Pen – Fill in your immigration card while you are on the plane! Especially if you are travelling solo with the kids.  Also good for kids to doodle with.
  • Baby wipes – Even if your kids are older and out of nappies, baby wipes are one of life’s great inventions.
  • Plastic bags – From storing leaky meds and food to packing away vomit covered clothes
  • Chargers – Many plane seats now have inbuilt chargers.  I have also been known to spy a plug socket in an airport and loiter around there with the kids whilst my iPad charges
For many years Pink Teddy was Daisy's no 1 'must pack'.. until we lost it on holiday!

For many years Pink Teddy was Daisy’s no 1 ‘must pack’.. until we lost it on holiday!

Yesterday I opened this question up to the floor and got some awesome answers from my readers:

  • iPad and snacks
  • Calpol
  • Valium (for me). Small toy cars for Alex
  • When they were babies – dummies!  Now – iPad
  • Rotation of activities and snacks
  • Snacks
  • Food and iPad
  • A nanny?
  • Antihistamine and a dummy.  No matter how old
  • A helper
  • Kids headphones
  • Wine
  • iPad with headphones
  • Valium
  • iPad with noise cancelling headphones
  • Valium?!  Diazepam!?!
  • Boobs

Me and the girls travelling - shrink


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