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Top 5 Family Travel Essentials

For anyone frantically packing before they head off on their CNY/February half term break, here are my top 5 family travel essentials:

  1. Swimwear
    I once went to Thailand and forgot to pack my kids swimwear. I then wasted half a day scooting around Koh Samui trying to buy more.  From now on its always top of my list of things to pack.I do think it’s worth investing in half decent, UV protective swimsuits.  Sunuva have a beautiful range of UPF 50+ swimwear – they can be pricey so worth keeping an eye out for their fantastic sale.
    Sunuva's stylish Rash Vests
  2. Travel Adaptor
    Check to see what electrical outlet you’ll need and get yourself a decent travel adaptor that will charge multiple products.  I also pack a charger in my hand luggage so that I can charge my iphone/ipad on the plane (if possible).
  3. Wet wipes
    Even if your kids are out of nappy phase, wet wipes in the handbag are like manna from heaven. Whether it’s wiping down a dirty tray table on the plane to mopping up spilled milk in your hotel room, wet wipes of all shapes and sizes are always indispensable. Combine with a small bottle of hand sanitiser for the win.
  4. Spare bags
    No matter where I’m headed, I’ll usually pack a few spare bags in my checked luggage.  I pack one of those expandable duffle bags, especially if I’m stocking up on goodies in America. I also pack a small handbag to use for those wonderful times I don’t need to lug a big baby bag and a beach bag. You’ll also find lots of plastic bags – always useful for rewrapping things that might spill, laundry and shoes.  Current faves are this stylish palm print beach bag from Vamastyle and a treasured find from a market in Koh Samui.
    Bag Loving
  5. Travel Documentation
    Sorry this is a boring one but have you ever started filling in your immigration form and realised you have no idea what your hotel address is?  Or arranged for an airport transfer only to find your driver hasn’t appeared and you don’t have their phone number? I print off two documents with all my details from flight numbers, hotel name & address, important bank details, loyalty card numbers, passport & visa info. I keep one in my hand luggage and put the other in my checked bag. I also email this to family before I leave so they know where we are going.

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