My Top 10 Travel Hacks

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I love to travel but it is an expensive business. Here are some ideas on how you can save on costs along the way.  Happy Travels!

  1. Plan your travel calendar a year in advance. This way you’ll have better chance of using those airmiles and be able to get cheap advance purchase hotels/flights. Check for room rates which have ‘free cancellation’ on sites like Agoda. You could always tentatively book somewhere and then cancel further down the line.
  2. Borrow guidebooks from your local library
  3. If you’re using a booking site like Agoda or Expedia, you may find that your traveling party is bigger than the max. occupancy (e.g. 2 adults). You can either choose to ignore this, especially if you are traveling with an infant who only requires a cot or one child. The alternative is to phone the hotel directly and enquire as to whether they’ll let you all fit on one room. 
  4. Pack lots of snacks to take in your hand luggage. Not only can food be overpriced at airports, at least you’ll know what you’ve got is healthy(ish)!
  5. Pack tupperware so that you can pilfer away food from the breakfast buffet.
    Tupperware boxes
  6. If you’re a holiday drinker, max your Duty Free limit at the airport.  Wine in countries like Thailand can be horrendously overpriced.
  7. Avoid the hotel minibar by either packing snacks from home in your suitcase or stocking up at a local supermarket.
  8. Stock up on drinking water by taking your water bottle along to the gym (you don’t actually have to use the gym) and refill it at the water fountain.
  9. Pick up local leaflets as they often have discount vouchers inside  Keep an eye on local listings for what’s on, including free attractions/shows/fairs.
  10. Save on laundry by packing travel wash.


As it’s Friday I’ll throw in one more for you. Always delete the cookies on your computer if you’re doing a search for flights or hotels.  Booking sites can be incredibly sneaky and use the history of the searches you have done to inflate prices.  


Do you have any money saving travel hacks to share?

  • Elizabeth (Wander Mum)


    Great list. I’m glad I’m not the only cheeky one to do 5 and 7. Six is a must especially in Mid East/SE Asia. We try to always book our big hols in the Sept/Jan sales. Oh, and make sure travel insurance in up to date. We’ve recently had to use it due to illness! Blooming godsend! Elizabeth x

    • Nicola

      Hi Elizabeth – yes travel insurance is a must!

  • Bobbie Lucas


    Great hacks! There are lots of ways saving money. My advice is to choose not the busiest time of the year. You could visit places out of the season. It is cheaper. Thank you for sharing your article. Greetings!

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