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Tips For Visiting Universal Studios, Singapore

In case you hadn’t heard, Singapore has a Universal Studios and it is BRILLIANT. If you’re visiting Singapore with kids age 4 and under, you might want to skip it (don’t worry, there’s loads of other great attractions). For anyone older, plan a day in your schedule and head to Sentosa, where Universal Studios is located. In this article I’ll share my top tips and also a breakdown of each ride, to help plan your day.

photo of us outside Universal Studios Singapore

When to go

It goes without saying that during school holidays and the weekends, the Park will be busy (you can check local Singapore holidays here).

That said, if you go early in the day and you purchase a Universal Express (more on that later), you’ll be fine.

Where to buy tickets

If you buy your tickets online, this will save you queuing.  The official website may also offer discount and promos. In addition to this, check out Voyagin and Klook who often have 10% off.

I strongly urge you to purchase a ‘Universal Express’ pass on top of your ticket (approx SGD 30). This allows you to queue jump once on nearly all the rides and can save you hours of pain in waiting. If you are visiting on a seemingly emptier day, you may want to chance it at first but if you think you need the Universal Express, you can also purchase inside the Park. Unless you want to ride the rollercoasters over and over, there is no point purchasing the more expensive Universal Express Unlimited.

What to pack

It’s almost certainly going to be hot and sweaty. Possibly with a chance of showers! So pack your sunglasses, water bottle, foldable umbrella/poncho (if showing thunderstorms) and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to bring a layer as whilst it can be hot outside, you might the aircon on full blast inside the rides.

photo of Sky in New York, Universal Studios Singapore

If you want the option of renting a stroller for the day, you’ll find the ‘Stroller and Wheelchair Rental’ on the right after entering the park.

Getting to Universal Studios

Universal Studios is on Sentosa, an island located 15 minutes from the CBD. There are various different ways to get the park (bus, cable car, train) but for me, the easiest is taxi! If you are new to Singapore, check out Grab, which has recently acquired the local Uber. You will get dropped off in the Resorts World Carpark, follow the signs up the escalator to the entrance to the Park.

photo of Dinosaurs at Universal Studios Singapore

How long do I need at Universal Studios Singapore?

The Park is easily done in a day. If you get there early to beat the heat, you may even find yourself flagging and homeward bound mid-afternoon.

The beauty of USS is it’s a really manageable size. There are 6 ‘lands’:

Far Far Away
The Lost World
Ancient Egypt
Sci-Fi City
New York

Park Strategy

Of course this really depends on the ages of your kids and what everyone’s in to. If you have bought a Universal Express, you can relax as you won’t have to factor in queuing. Therefore it’s worth heading straight for the rides that won’t allow the Universal Express; Canopy Flyer, Treasure Hunter, Amber Rock Climb and Magic Potion Spin (although I’d skip the last two).

photo of Mummy rollercoaster at Universal Studios Singapore

Although the park usually opens at 10am, ‘The Lost World’ land opens at 11am. Which means you should head straight to Ancient Egypt to do Treasure Hunters (pretend desert jeep ride) and then Revenge Of The Mummy (indoor rollercoaster). On your way to Ancient Egypt you could also do Transformers in Sci-Fi City and my favourite ride. This means you could ride it again later, skipping the queue with your Universal Express pass.

After you’ve done Canopy Flyer and Treasure Hunter, the world is your oyster with the Universal Express! It’s worth checking to see the time of shows including WaterWorld and The Rockafellas. I’ll go into the rides in more depth below.


This is the area you walk through as you first enter the park.  You might spot characters here on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

photo of Despicable Me at Universal Studios singapore


This land is super sweet and great for young kids. There are 2 rides:

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure – river boat ride but is lovely but it is dark (my 6yo still a bit scared)
King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round – classic carousel
Madagascar Boogie! Little dance show that’s on several times a day

Far Far Away

Plenty for the kiddos in this land:

Enchanted Airways – a junior rollercoaster but still packs a punch! Min height 92cm
Shrek 4-D Adventure – little ones might be scared of the dark and also some of the 4D sensation.
Magic Potion Spin – a very slow ride in the gift shop, I’d probably skip this
Donkey LIVE – funny comedy show. Nudge your kids to volunteer when asked!
Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey – gorgeous gentle ‘roller coaster’ with min. height of 100cm.
The Dance For the Magic Beans – a fun dance show

The Lost World

This land features a mix of rides and a show:

WaterWorld – incredible stunt show. Again, a bit scary for my 6yo with all the loud bangs but my 8yo loves it. Check times on entry. I wouldn’t bother standing in the heat of a long queue, unless you feel the need to be right at the front. Aim for 5 mins before the show starts, there’s plenty of seating inside.
Canopy Flyer – swoop and soar over The Lost World. Min height of 92cm therefore it’s quite a good one for little ones who want adventure but not tall enough for Puss in Boots’. Remember you can’t do Canopy Flyer with the Universal Express so head there early on in the day.

Dino-Soarin – sit in your own Pteranodon. Little kids will love this one.
Amber Rock Climb – we’ve never done this as we’ve always had open toe shoes! Bring trainers
Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure – Absolutely brilliant! A thrilling river raft ride, I won’t give anything away but prepared to be splashed. Minimum height 107cm

Ancient Egypt

Treasure Hunters – a desert jeep ride. Good for little kids as there’s no min. height

Revenge Of The Mummy – an indoor roller coaster in total darkness. Min height 122cm

Sci-Fi City

Two rollercoasters – HUMAN and CYCLON (this is the one that goes upside down). Both min. height 125cm.

I must admit that I’ve not done either of these rollercoasters. My 8yo did HUMAN and said it was amazing. I’m still working up the courage!

Accelerator – like a traditional whirlitzer. Quite jerky and vomit inducing!
Transformers The Ride – This is an incredible 3D experience and one of my favourite rides

New York

Lights, Camera, Action! – watch as an empty sound stage becomes the setting for a hurricane. Very clever, although young kids (yes surprise surprise my 6yo) might get a little scared of the dark and loud noises.
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase – you won’t be surprised then to find out this is my 6yo’s favourite ride!
The Rockafellas – absolutely INCREDIBLE B-boy street dancing. If you have budding dancers, nudge them into volunteering for the show.

Where to eat in Universal Studios Singapore?

As you may expect, the food is quite average.  If you want a coffee, grab at Starbucks as you walk through Hollywood.

If you’re after KFC type food, head to Goldilocks in Far Far Away. Discovery Food Court in The Lost World has a decent selection of local dishes including Laksa and Hainanese Chicken Rice. Plus these fairly gross looking dinosaur nuggets for kids!

I’ve heard Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor in New York is the best of the bunch although I’m yet to try.

You’ll find ice creams and popcorn throughout the park. If you want even nicer, gourmet ice-cream, after you exit Universal Studios, keep walking until you get to Candylicious.

  • Cathy (Mummytravels)


    This is such a useful post- Sentosa is somewhere I missed when i was last in Singapore but would be high on the list for a return. My daughter isn’t a big rollercoaster fan so it’s useful to see what else there is for her age. And queue jumping is always a bonus! Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  • Trish


    Love the look of your freshened up website, Nicola.

    • Bambootreg69

      thanks Trish!

  • Nell (Pigeon Pair and Me)


    Your two are pretty much the same age as mine, so this is a useful post. I’ll bookmark it for later, as we’re hoping to visit our friends in Singapore in the not-too-distant future. #FarawayFiles

  • Clare (Suitcases and Sandcastles)


    The relative smallness of the Universal Studios in Singapore really appeals to me. We’ve never visited a theme park so if we were to go, a smaller one would feel less daunting. Your tips and descriptions of each area are really useful. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  • hilary


    We’ve visited Universal here in Southern California and in Orlando, but never anywhere else! Its always fun to see the differences in the parks in other places. There are definitely coasters in both places that I’m too timid for, but my older son loves the more thrilling rides. #farawayfiles

  • scots2travel


    That looks epic. Really practical tips too. Would like to visit Sentosa with kids. Only visited once before, and I tracked down the WW2 history on the island, my pal abandoned me! 🙂 #citytripping

  • Mel



    If you rent a stroller, are there safe places/parks to leave the stroller till you complete your ride?

    • Bambootreg69

      yes and in general, Singapore very safe

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