Tips For Feeding Babies on Vacation

Thanks to the arrival of my gorgeous nephew Sam, my sister Georgina has been thrust back into the world of how to feed a baby!  Here are her top tips for feeding babies on holiday:


Baby Formula
If you are using formula, you may want to just pack as much formula/powder or cartons as you need to take with you.  Make sure that you have enough with you, plus some to spare.  For formula powder, weigh a scoop and then multiply that by the number of scoops that you use in a feed, and again by the number of feeds you give each day.  This will give you the total amount of grams of formula that you need to take with you.  Each standard tub usually contains around 900g of powder. 

Even if you are packing plenty of formula, you never know if you’ll need to buy some locally – lost luggage can scupper the best laid plans!  The main formula companies have very helpful customer care lines and online chat services.  Contact them before you go to find out the most suitable equivalent for your chosen formula in your destination country.

If you need to sterilise feeding equipment while you are away, check out your options in a previous post here

Making up bottles
The UK’s NHS guidelines state that formula should be made up with boiled tap water.  They also state that if you do not feel that the tap water is safe to drink, and you wish to use bottled water, then you should check the label to make sure that the sodium level is less than 200mg per litre, and the sulphate content is less than 250mg per litre.  For full details, click here and if you are in any doubt, contact your doctor or health visitor before travel.  In some countries (including France) bottled water that is deemed suitable for children is labelled accordingly.


A buggy can always double as a high chair when needed!

A buggy can always double as a high chair when needed!

Ready Made Baby Food
At home you might lovingly prepare all of your purees and finger foods for your little one, but personally I prefer the easy option when on holiday, and luckily there are plenty of easily transportable ready-made options.  Many countries now sell UK brands of baby food, although you will pay a premium for them.  Check out the local brands too, although you may find that they contain more salt and sugar than at home.

Making fresh baby food
If you do want to give your baby fresh food, then check with your hotel kitchen to see what they are able to provide.  Bananas, avocados and mangoes are all great ‘no cook’ puree options.

Feeding Equipment
Don’t forget your bibs, bowls, cutlery, sippy cups and plenty of wipes and nappy sacks to clear up with.


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