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The Trtl Pillow Plus Review

There are many ways to make your cramped longhaul flying experience easier. Perhaps you wear some comfy joggers, pack a soft cashmere scarf and invest in decent earplugs and an eyemask. Topping the list of recommendations is to find a decent travel pillow. I have experimented with various types over the years. What I’ve found is that although some of the softer ones are more comfortable, I wake up with neck ache. This time I tested out a pillow from Scottish brand Trtl, who aim to provide premium comfort, whilst keeping your head/neck in an ergonomic position.

I admire anyone who wants to improve my longhaul flying experience (something I do regularly as I live in Singapore and my family are in the UK). The two founders are mechanical engineering grads who realised there must be a better solution sleeping on the go than what was already available. After in-depth research, they developed over 80 prototypes and came up with the Trtl Pillow.

How does it work?

The Trtle Pillow Plus looks like a cross between a scarf and half a neck brace! You essentially loop the fabric round your neck and adjust the height using the toggles. You then connect the ends of the wrap and it looks like you are wearing a cosy scarf.

The pillow is made of plush foam padding and super soft microfleece. It is extremely comfortable and conducive to sleep. There’s also a breathable mesh fabric, which helps to regulate temperature. The pillow is machine washable and comes with a water resistant bag.

Ok but does it really work?

I tested the pillow out on four separate longhaul flights and I love it. Flying longhaul, it’s easy to wake up with a crooked neck that’s been placed at a bad angle. Or jerked awake when your head falls far forward than it naturally should be.

With the Trtl Pillow Plus, your head and neck are rested in a more ergonomically preferred situation. I also found the scarf cosy and thanks to recent Coronavirus scares, an added bonus to cover my mouth! The Pillow Plus has the added advantage (over the Trtl Original) of being height adjustable with two separate toggles.

The Trtl pillow also packs up small and is extremely lightweight. Rather than dangling off your backpack, you can actually put it inside your bag. Pic above shows the length compared to a Kindle.

How do I get one?

The Pillow Plus is USD 59.99 and comes in 3 different inside linings (black, blue and pink). Given the decent sleep you’ll get from it, I think it’s good value for money!

Check out the shipping page to see all the destinations and charges. If your country is not listed, you can always order from good old Amazon!

Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Trtl Pillow Plus for review.


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