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Tesalate Towel Review

You know it’s going to be a good towel when you spend ages pouring over which design to get. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty selection of fabrics. Anyone of which I would have been happy to receive in dress or rug format.  In case you haven’t heard of Tesalate, these guys are an Australian business, billing themselves as the world’s no 1 sand free towel. Of course the Aussies have got this market nailed. They are pros at days at the beach. I on the other hand have an aversion to sand. I can’t bear sandy towels. I don’t really like sand that much either. Dare I say I prefer the pool? So I was looking forward to testing out this beautifully designed towel.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the towel from their website. There are over 50 designs and two sizes; single and a ‘towel for two’. For a long time, the microfibre towels sold in camping shops came in sensible colours. I went for the beautiful Tamarama and each side has a different print.

How big is it?

The towel is 160cm x 80cm and comes with a bag.  It folds up very small and is lightweight. I packed it for our recent Hawaii roadtrip and it was very easy to bring to the beach.

Does it really work?

I tested the towel at the pool and beach. For the pool, it was super absorbent and dries quickly. This is useful if you are on a roadtrip and don’t want to lug your wet towels everywhere.  The towel also has a handy hook so you can easily hang it out to dry.

At the beach, this towel comes into its own. It really does ‘repel’ sand. I’ve no idea how the technology works but you can happily lay on it without constantly feeling grit underneath you or brushing sand off.

Should I buy one?

This towel doesn’t come cheap (approx. GBP 50) but you will bring it on very single vacation. You’ll also be the most stylish person at the beach. There’s a 10% off on first-time purchases, you just need to sign-up on the website and you’ll receive a code.


Disclaimer: Jetlag & Mayhem received a free towel for review. This does not change my opinion that this is a beautiful towel!





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