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Lonely Planet Kids: Sticker World Books Review

Today we bring you more additions to the Lonely Planet Kids’ Sticker World selection!  The new titles are Farm, Castle and our personal favourite Airport.  This selection is targeted towards kids aged six to eight, although I would recommend for …
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Lonely Planet Kids Books for Summer Travel

Jetlag & Mayhem like to moan about the fact they don’t have as many electronic gadgets as their friends.  It is true, they don’t have an iPad and they don’t have an iPhone.  This is because they are 9 and …

Activities For A Longhaul Flight

Tomorrow I’m embarking on a 12 hour day flight from Hong Kong to London. Myself, Jetlag & Mayhem it’s gonna be great. We can kick back, relax, drink wine (me, not them), watch endless amounts of TV. Chat about the …

Ideas To Keep Kids Entertained On Holiday

On holiday my five year old is happy to spend 90% of her day splashing around in the pool.  My three year old is a bit trickier and needs to have a variety of entertainment options available.  On a recent trip to …
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