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13 Long Haul Flight Essentials

Over the past two months, I’ve clocked up two return longhaul flights (13 hrs) and I’m about to embark on a third.  I’m always back of the bus and have therefore semi-perfected the art of comfortable longhaul travel!  Contrary to …
Daisy and sky on CX

Getting To Arizona From Singapore

Singapore is a looooong way from the US. My husband recently flew the Singapore Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Singapore and the captain announced the flying time to be 18hrs and 5 mins.  As our Arizona trip was cobbled …

How To Get Comfortable On A Longhaul Flight

I think I’ve finally cracked comfort nirvana when flying longhaul overnight with kids.  I still don’t enjoy it and I tend not to sleep that well but the most important thing is that Madames Jetlag & Mayhem do.  Here are a …

Travel Product Review: Zpac Packing Cubes

I adore packing.  The excitement of travelling, picking out clothes for different seasons, digging out the mosquito spray and travel adaptors.  If you’re travelling with kids, packing cubes are the way forward.  I divide all our items into separate packing …

Travel Pillow Review: The J-Pillow

Are you able to get comfortable in one of those tiny seats on a plane?  You can often find me in a variety of positions from head down on the tray table (crick in the neck) to sideways with my …
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