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A Stroller You Can Take As Carry On? Meet the Babyzen Yoyo

Have you heard about the stroller that you can take onboard a plane?  A stroller that folds up so teeny tiny that you can stow it away in an overhead locker without complaints? If you haven’t then you need to meet the BABYZEN YOYO.

It is the first stroller in the world fully compliant with IATA guidelines for cabin baggage dimensions (56 x 46 x 25 cm, or 22 x 18 x 10 in).

As a mother of a 5 and 3yo I have sadly missed the boat in the usage of this wondrous contraption. However, I recently sat down with YOYO fan Celine to ask her all about it.

Babyzen YOYO Buggy

Why did you feel the need to buy a BABYZEN YOYO?

We had a big buggy and also a Maclaren Volo which I’d bought for travel. I loved the Volo but it was missing a vital feature – a recline.  I knew the Babyzen would come in useful on our travels and general living so I bought the YOYO 6+ (i.e. suitable from 6 months old)

Where did you buy it?
In general it seems like they are the same price everywhere.  I bought mine in Hong Kong at Bumps2Babes as I get a slight discount with my VIP card.

How much is it and what does it come with?
I paid just under HKD $4,000 and it came with a rain cover and protective bag.  It is available in various colours and you can also buy a different colour lining should you wish.

How does it work?
The YOYO 6+ is road facing and to open it, you simply shake it open. Closing is a bit more tricky but not that much – definitely requires two hands as compared to what the promo video shows.
There is a belt that you can pull to change the recline of the seat.  It gives a good recline although not completely flat.
There is a tiny amount of storage in the base.
Once closed and folded, the stroller is only slightly bigger than my handbag. Hence why you can take it on as hand luggage!
Babyzen Yoyo
Is it easy to drive?
Yes very easy to manoeuvre.  The wheels are quite narrow but it does feel sturdy.

Do they let you take it onboard?
Overall I don’t think the airlines are actually fully aware of this stroller and how it is indeed compatible with the overhead locker.  We have had mixed occasions; some where they’ve let us taken it onboard and others where they’ve asked us to check it in.  I actually think the trick is to have it folded up in the bag when you check in.  Then when they ask if you have a stroller to check in, say no. Then as soon as you leave check in you can reopen and use it. Similarly when you arrive at the gate, close it up so that they don’t question you and you simply bring it onboard.
I think you’ll have more luck with it flying business as they usually let you bring your stroller onboard anyway.

Any negatives?
Only that as its so light, be careful if you hang any bags off it or it will tip over.

Would you recommend buying the BABYZEN YOYO?
Absolutely!  It’s a great investment, particularly if you do lots of travel.  The protective canopy is quite high which means that my oldest child can sit in quite comfortably (guidelines say it fits up to 15kg). I also find it very useful for living in Hong Kong where the sidewalks are narrow and it’s easy to get in and out of taxis.
At just under 6kg it is easy to carry. I only wish they would put backpack style straps on the accompanying bag.

I think it will be some time before the airlines know and understand that the BABYZEN YOYO meets the IATA standards and is fine to take onboard (although of course every airline can invent its own rules). In the meantime, do as we do and fold it up before check-in and before you get to the gate if you want to guarantee it onboard.
  • Reut


    Great article! Did you open the stroller inside the airplane?

    • Nicola

      No but I believe you can. Although not sure what the airline staff will always say to this!

  • Urouge


    I could not take it on Etihad airways, they refused to let me in with it and threatened to offboard me.

    • Nicola

      Wow that is very interesting & what a shame, you must have been very annoyed

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