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Staying Glam When Travelling With Kids

If you’ve flown longhaul with young kids, you’ll know it’s exceedingly difficult to maintain any kind of glamour e.g. disembarking off a plane covered in crumbs/crayons/vomit.  Yet I’ve seen other mums in the airport with multiple kids in tow looking far more intact than I ever look on a night out.  So recently I decided to take action and try to look for ways to fly in a more sophisticated state but still be comfortable and sensible enough to run around after unruly children.  Although be aware, it doesn’t matter how glam you look – you are still not going to get upgraded with kids falling around at your feet at check-in!

  • A scarf/pashmina.  These are brilliant for making your outfit look better, getting kids cosy on a plane and even creating blackout over a bassinet or baby carrier.  I am lucky enough to live across the border from China aka fake scarf central so I have a huge collection of wonderful knock offs, all great quality.
  • A maxi dress.  If you have ever met me, you’ll know I am rather short as opposed to a willowy maxi dress Ibiza babe.  I am a bit late to the party but I am now a massive convert, especially patterned ones in a comfortable lightweight jersey.  These hide a multitude of sins and it doesn’t matter if they get splashed in juice.  If you’re in HK, get yourselves down to Damina Fashion in Soho for an amazing selection that they can shorten to fit short people like me!
  • A hat.  Perfect for a beach holiday, it’s also means you can hide your unkempt hair and also hide from your kids on a plane.  
  • A nice chunky bangle.  Yes it is annoying to sometimes have to remove it at security but it will jazz up any outfit AND keep a baby quiet for ages on the plane (although make sure there are no bits for them to choke on).  I’m lucky enough to have a sister-in-law who runs a super cool jewellery business and feeds my bangle obsession.
  • A nice bag.  There are lots of horrible ‘mummy friendly’ changing bags out there – I don’t know why these companies insist on making them in such bold patterns with statements like ‘Yummy Mummy’ on them.  I want the kind of bag that I used to use pre-kids but adapted for sticky fingers and nappies.  I’ve realised that when I’m travelling on my own, a rucksack is really the most practical kind of bag.  I’ve been using my Pacapod Picos which I love but am still on the lookout for a slightly more stylish, feminine one.  Perhaps in a leather but still lightweight?  If you have any ideas, please send them this way!

Nicola in maxi dress - shrink

  • MummyTravels


    I’m with you on the scarf/maxi dress front – another late convert to the latter, but I’ve also got quite a collection of scarves that have doubled as a mini toddler blanket/pillow etc. Although on the last trip, she also entertained herself by pulling on the loose threads at the hem, which was one use I hadn’t anticipated!

  • Rachel G


    I think scarves are excellent traveling companions! I also always have at least one full outfit in my carry on, though usually I’m on a long-haul flight from the US to Asia or vice versa and most of my clothes are in my checked baggage

  • Amber


    I’m flying with my kids on Wednesday.

    I just wear jeans and a t-shirt. I usually look out of it.

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