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We live in a hot country (Hong Kong) and are often out and about in the sunshine.  Whilst I am permanently attached to my sunglasses, I never remember to make my kids put theirs on.  This is something I need to rectify as the UV radiation and overexposure to sunlight can lead to eye damage.

I recently received some Squids sunglasses to test out on my 4 yo and 20 mth old.  Squids are part of the Eyetribe family, an ‘eyewear business for kids with an eye on style’.  Fancy that.

SQUIDS & Mini SQUIDS sunglasses are made from light weight, heat resistant ‘AQUAFLEX’ material that FLOATS in water and is hyper-flexible. SQUIDS’ moulded temples & close fitting wrap design are big on comfort and stay firmly wrapped around small faces.  The shatterproof lenses provide 100% UV protection.

The Squids are very cute and come in flexible cases that are easy for them to open and won’t take up too much space packing.

The Mini SQUID (for 0-3) is in a smaller size and comes with a removable head strap.  Whilst my 20 mth old refused to wear them with the headstrap, my 4 year old was delighted with them and liked the fact they didn’t come off!  

Mini Squid

The SQUIDS are designed for 3-10 and were a big hit with my daughter and her friends.  They come in a wide variety of colours.  Unlike other kids sunglasses, these wrap around the face, providing lots of protection.

Squids 1

Best thing is that they float in water so there’s no having to dive to the bottom of the pool to find them!

Whilst they are nowhere near as expensive as adult designer sunglasses, they do cost a bit more than the average pair from the market.  So teach your children to look after them well and don’t lose them!

Squids sunglasses range

Retail details for Hong Kong

Squids : HKD $279
Mini Squids: HKD $249
HK Stockists: Baby Concepts, Bumps to babes, Dymocks, I Love Baby, Kidskidsland, mini-me, Play Sports & Toys, Q Little Monster etc. 
Jetlag & Mayhem received the Squids from Bloom & Grow Asia.  I was not paid for this review and this is indeed, my opinion!
  • Alanna


    My 5month old is happy to wear his Squids!

    • Nicola

      that’s brilliant – start them young!

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