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Singapore Airlines Flight Review

It has been a long time since I’ve flown with Singapore Airlines.  Have you seen their luxurious First Class Suites? They look unbelievable, pretty much a whole room to yourself!  Unfortunately I wasn’t reviewing the front of the plane but the back instead.  Twice.  The first flight was the 3.5 hr journey from Hong Kong to Singapore. The second, a 9.5 hr flight from Singapore to Christchurch in New Zealand’s South Island.

How did I book the flight?

I used my ever trusty travel agent, Daryl at Jebsen Holidays in Hong Kong. He reserved the flights in advance for me (I don’t think I paid till a few months before) and requested child meals for Jetlag & Mayhem. Singapore Airlines is part of the Star Alliance. Both the kids have Krisflyer numbers (as we fly Virgin often and kids need to be 12 before they can collect miles on their scheme.  I added my Royal Thai number and my husband used his United Mileage Plus.

Online check-in starts 48 hours in advance and I was able to easily check in for both outbound legs. The system had also seated us together as a family (take note Cathay!)

You get 30kg baggage allowance in economy which is quite generous compared to other airlines.

SQ863 Hong Kong to Singapore (3.5 hrs)

  • We were onboard the A380-800. No longer a brand spanking new plane, this one was really showing it’s age.
  • The economy seats were are in a 2-4-2 configuration. The seats felt quite cramped together
  • Freezing cabin temperature – make sure you bring layers!
  • They have kids headphones onboard although they are a bit flimsy
  • Decent entertainment selection
  • Served dinner, the kids absolutely devoured their pasta & the crisps! It’s highly likely there was a toblerone on the tray below, which I would have stolen… terrible to give kids chocolate…
  • Random feature – if you flip over part of the tray table, you get access to a mirror!

SQ 297 Singapore to Christchurch (9.5 hrs overnight)

  • We were onboard the B777-200. This is an older plane and it definitely feels rough around the edges
  • The economy seats are in a 3-4-3 configuration
  • The seats feel more spacious than in the outbound A380
  • Basic amenity kit of toothbrush and socks. Make sure you bring your own eyemask!
  • We were on an overnight flight and unfortunately my seat was broken.  Luckily there was a spare seat in the back so our party of 4 ended up having 2 rows of 3 to themselves.
  • We were served decent food. I think we all slept through dinner but this was the kids breakfast. Remember that whatever snacks you’ve brought from home, you must eat on the plane as you cannot bring food into New Zealand!


  • Unlike the horrors of landing at a US airport, Christchurch is a breeze. We were met with short lines and friendly staff. After clearing immigration, we went to the EZI Rental desk to pick up our car hire information and keys. Don’t forget your driving license!

SQ298 Christchurch to Singapore (9 hr day flight)

  • A rather nightmare 9 hour day journey where our entertainment was broken. You can read all about it in my earlier blog post. Morale of the story, always bring your own entertainment for the kids!
  • This was the kids meal. I cannot believe they gave a Mars bar with each one – SQ you should be ashamed of yourselves! It is completely unneccssary to put a chocolate bar in a kids meal. I did my kids a favour and ate it myself.

SQ2 Singapore to Hong Kong

  • I finally see what all the fuss is about! This was the only leg of our SQ journey where I was impressed by the plane, a new-ish looking 777-700
  • The seat configuration is 3-3-3. Lucky Mr Jetlag who got to sit on his own!
  • The TV screen on this aircraft is amazing and easily workable, especially for kids
  • This was the only flight where cabin crew offered kids entertainment packs (pretty cool Star Wars themed ones)
  • I was also impressed by the SQ kids headphones



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