Sightseeing Singapore Aboard the DUCKtour!

Have you ever been on a ‘Duck Tour’? I don’t mean roaming the wetlands, binoculars in hand, seeking out birds. I’m referring to sightseeing the city aboard a strange contraption that can drive from land into the water. Which indeed makes it one of the more fun ways to tour the city! In Singapore, these ‘Ducks’ are actually refurbished WWII amphibious vehicles from Vietnam. You can book your Singapore DUCKtour through Duck & Hippo or visit one of these Ticketing Counters.

The DUCKtour operates from 10am to 6pm daily and departs hourly on the hour. We boarded from Suntec City Mall (handy if you want to have lunch before or after as there is a huge food court).

What to expect

After excitedly clambering aboard the vehicle, we were informed the seats at the front may get wet. obviously we made a beeline for those! As the Ducktour does a U-turn, it means it doesn’t matter which side you sit on as you’ll get to see everything. Our friendly guide Glenford made the introductions and we all got into the spirit. We started our tour driving around the streets of Singapore, heading towards Marina Bay. Glenford shared with us the history and geography of the area.

Before we knew it, Glenford gave us the heads up our Duck was about to transform. We then went trundling down into the river with a big splash, Jetlag & Mayhem loved it. All of a sudden we had gone from land beast to aquatic creature.

One of the best ways to view Singapore is from its waterways.  We sailed around the harbour taking in the magnificent Singapore Flyer, iconic Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade Theatre and the Merlion.

The journey doesn’t end on the water. Suddenly we were waddling back onto dry land and touring through Singapore’s Civic District. We saw the Supreme Court, War Memorial Park and finally the world’s largest water fountain (the Fountain of Wealth) at Suntec City.

Should I do the DUCKtour?

If you’ve got kids in tow and choosing between one tour in Singapore my vote would be for this.  At one hour, it’s the right length for minimal attention spans and you can’t beat the fun of the splash from road into water.  Also you may be surprised by how much information your kids retain – my two are still relaying off facts such as ‘did you know that the Esplanade looks like either a durian or microphone?’


Jetlag & Mayhem were guests of Duck & Hippo. I was not paid for this review and this is all my own opinion.


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