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Shifting perspective in a new world of travel

Writing has always been like therapy for me. If I wanted to feel unstuck, I would sit and tap away merrily, creating posts for Jetlag & Mayhem and others. Yet the past few weeks I’ve felt paralysed. Every time I went near the keyboard, I feared what I would write. How could I prattle on about travel when there were so many more pressing issues at hand. Packing tips? Nobody is taking a trip. Luxury hotel ideas? Who will have the disposable income for that.. Yet this is not what I want from my decade old blog. This is a place for me to be creative and write about what I truly love. All things travel.

Travel isn’t just a frivolous leisure activity. Can you believe that in 2019, 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded globally. Think of all the jobs created to meet this demand, from restaurants, to hotel staff, attractions and transport. I have always encouraged readers to support local economies where you can. Tip widely and do return (as soon as it’s safe) to places that have been hit by physical disasters. We visited Sri Lanka over Christmas, a country that was only just getting back on its feet following the 2019 Easter bombings. It was sad even then to learn about how many people had lost jobs and how low the tourist numbers were. I can’t imagine how bad it must be now.

The COVID-19 pandemic will forever change the way we travel. Nobody will come out unscathed. Who knows when we’ll even be travelling at all? Airlines and hotel chains won’t exist as we know them now. I’m sure we’ll have to carry medical certificates/immunisation records to allow us entry into foreign countries. It may take a long time for people to feel safe flying longhaul. This is particularly sad for those that live far away from loved ones. I am from the UK but have been living in Singapore for the past 3 years. I have no idea when I will next be allowed home to see my family. That said, I do appreciate we are all in the same boat and currently loved ones are to be seen on a screen!

I will continue to write on Jetlag & Mayhem as it’s important to showcase all the fantastic destinations we will be able to visit in the future. I want to support all the amazing businesses from local restaurants to boutique hotels. Yes we might choose to travel less/more meaningfully but as soon as we are allowed out, we will travel.

For now, STAY HOME, WASH YOUR HANDS & I’m off to donate to a fundraiser to help feed NHS staff


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