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Seat To Sleep Travel Nest Review

At Jetlag & Mayhem we are huge fans of anything that gives a helping hand in getting kids to sleep on plane journeys. Over the years we’ve reviewed a number of different products, from neck pillows to calming aromatherapy scents. Today we introduce you to the brilliant Seat to Sleep Travel Nest!

What is the Seat to Sleep Travel Nest?

This is a lightweight inflatable cushion, which adapts adult plane seats into a comfy, safe space for children. The cushion supports the head and neck and provides padding on the hard arm rests.

How does the Seat to Sleep Travel Nest work?

The Travel Nest is quick and easy to inflate/deflate and comes in a small travel pouch with a bag clip for easy carrying and access. The cushion is soft yet has a handy wipe-clean finish. It is non PVC and environmentally friendly. 

Our Verdict

Jetlag & Mayhem’s Anna tested it out on a recent flight from London to Sri Lanka….

My boys (4 and 7 years old) sat happily watching their ipads for quite a few hours. As soon as they started to get sleepy, we quickly pulled out and inflated the Travel Nest. This gave them the perfect snuggly support to curl up on. In addition my kids love all things space so the ‘Space Adventure’ print was a bonus.

The inflate/deflate was super quick and simple through the valve. The valve has a button to open and close it, which means you can quickly stop air escaping when inflating. Seeing as you only have it two thirds full to make it super soft, squishy and comfortable, it’s very quick to inflate on the plane.

As you can see, they slept soundly since the cushions created the perfect soft enclosures for them on their seats. Once deflated and in their pouches, these cushions are surprisingly small and light. They fit easily in the kids small backpacks so they were able to carry them through the airport themselves! They were so popular with the boys that they were subsequently re-inflated on arrival at the hotel room as cushions for the beds.

Where can I buy one?

The Seat To Sleep Travel Nest is available direct from their website for GBP £35. UK delivery is charged at £3.99 per order and Worldwide at £9.99.  They are made to fit any size child from age 3-10.


Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Travel Nest for review. I wasn’t paid for this and it is all my own opinion!


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