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SEA Aquarium Singapore Review

Continuing our ‘Summer of Singapore’ theme, next on the list.. Sentosa’s aquarium. The last time I visited, Miss Jetlag was a mere toddler and traveling was a whole different kettle of fish. This time I had two moaning tweens to impress. I sometimes think the old stroller and nappy days are easier! The S.E.A. Aquarium is one of the Resorts World Sentosa attractions. It is home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species, across 50 different habitats. I wouldn’t say it’s the most outstanding in the world (I tip my hat to the magnificent Georgia Aquarium), but it’s easy and blasting with aircon.

Purchasing Tickets

S.E.A. Aquarium is now open every Saturday through Tuesday. Tickets for purchase are online only, there are a limited number each day. Opening hours are 10-5pm for off peak and 9am-5pm for peak. You can see the calendar here.

Getting There

Quite honestly the best way to get there is to jump in your Grab. Once there, you’ll need to exit up the escalator and follow the signs. The area that greets you is studded with restaurants and other attractions including Universal Studios. Due to limited opening hours and attractions, it was very quiet when we arrived at 11.30am.

Planning Your Visit

Sadly all the shows and public feeding sessions are suspended. The touch pool is also ‘look but don’t touch’.

If you don’t have toddlers in tow who are tied to strict lunch/nap times, you may want to arrive a bit later. Although the Aquarium opens at 10am, as we were arriving at 11.45am, there were quite a few people departing and the place seemed empty.

The Aquarium is very easy to navigate as it’s basically one way. The route is stroller friendly and there are many toilets. Bring a layer as it can be cool inside the depths of the aquarium.


I loved the Shark Seas Habitat which has over 100 sharks from 12 different species. Nothing like walking through the shark tunnel as you hum the Jaws theme tune.

Miss Jetlag’s favourite section was the Open Ocean tank with its meandering rays and mesmerising large tanks. Miss Mayhem loved the strange looking eels and sea dragons.


For those of us living in Singapore, we are lucky to have access to Sentosa aka the ‘State of Fun’. At the moment I am trying to grab all the opportunities I can to see Singapore and its attractions, just in case we are locked down again. The SEA Aquarium will while away a few hours and there’s a collection of decent lunch joints down in Resorts World outside. Many of them are operating on 2pm openings (including Candylicious much to my kids dismay as they were hoping for candy for breakfast). I highly recommend Ramen Dining Keisuke (they do well portioned kids sized ramen).

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do after, check out Headrock VR which has multiple virtual reality games or the Trick Eye Museum.

  • Jean Treacy


    Hi I went to the aquarium today and overall the attraction services and staff were very good however I was very disappointed to see the dolphins in such a sad looking tank with very little to stimulate them do you have plans to upgrade their tank? I really felt like it was just cruel to see it and I just think it might be better ti not have dolphins in the attraction.

    • Bambootreg69

      I agree – no need for dolphins to be here, set them free

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