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Saving Memories From Your Holiday

When I was little, my mum would make me keep a scrapbook on our travels.  Every few nights, I would diligently document all the fun things we had done and stick in tickets, maps and leaflets.  I continued this tradition for a long time, throughout my backpacking years and even after my honeymoon.

Perhaps as my travels became less frequent and less exotic, somewhere along the line I stopped doing it.  My journals are collecting dust at my parents house but I do love dipping into them when I’m home and remembering all the amazing places I’ve been.  I also laugh at my terrible writing style (sadly unimproved) that mainly focuses on what I’ve had to eat throughout the day!

It’s the same for photos.  With the advent of digital cameras, I no longer rush to Snappy Snaps to tear open the envelope and excitedly see my holiday pics.  In fact, I rarely print photos anymore, although when I travel with my sister-in-law Emily, she produces these incredible photobooks of our trips.  So now I’m looking for ways for my own daughters to remember their travels (although bear in mind they can’t read/write yet!).  

Simply For Flying

My 4yo has a Flying Logbook where I stick all her boarding passes.  As soon as she’s old enough, I’ll buy her a scrapbook and encourage her to write, as my mum did. 

In a way, I use this website as my online travel journal and I hope my kids look back at the memories I am collecting for them.  Best of all is my husband’s way of scrapbooking – he makes a 3 minute movie of all our roadtrips using iMovie on Apple.  The movie is a mixture of photos and video from our trap with a song we’ve picked to sum up our adventures.

My friend Helen has an amazing map of the world where she has stuck a pin in all the places she’s been.  We have decided to do the same with a map of the USA and mark the routes of all our road trips.  I look forward to posting a pic of the end result.

How do you save your holiday memories?


From Justine:

Here’s how I’ve been displaying some of my travel memories. Can’t decide whether its a bit primary school  or quite cool – still I like it! They are in the downstairs loo – always nice to have something to look at when you’re in there! 

Justine wall collage

  • Jacqui


    I used to rely on my daughter’s scrapbook!!!
    Now I have to keep a trip diary of my own

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