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Review of the Travellers’ Lounge (East Hall) – Hong Kong International Airport

Daisy in Traveler's Lounge

I do love an airline lounge namely for its free crisps and wine.  Sadly I’m rarely flying business class and I only get access through husband’s airline loyalty cards.  Hong Kong International Airport is cluttered with many lounges from the sleek new Cathay flagship to the more funky Virgin lounge.  However, there are also Pay-In lounges which you can also access with a Priority Pass (you get sent one with a Cathay Amex) or my Airport Angel card.  I have written about this before, if you travel regularly, do look into such a card.  It means you save yourself money – if I wasn’t drinking and eating the free food and reading the free magazines, I would have spent an aimless fortune!

The Traveler’s Lounge is accessible to various cardholders and you can also pay to enter.  Click here for a price list.  There is no extra charge to take your kids in.

It is very relaxing with its low lights and also extremely big.  The bar offers snacks and alcoholic beverages for purchase.  There is a bank of about 10 computers (very useful for sticking the kids in front of a movie).  There are lots of seating areas and the lounge snakes round to the back where there’s a buffet area with salad and noodle bar.  Whilst you don’t have the free range of alcoholic drinks that some of the airline lounges have, there are beers, soft drinks, coffees etc.

I rate the Travelers’ Lounge (East Hall) highly although I don’t think the one at the West Hall in Hong Kong Airport is as good.

Traveler's Lounge HKIA

Bar area (some hot snacks available here)

Traveler's Lounge Computer Bank HKIA

As everyone travels with their own laptop/ipad now, there are always computers available.  I found a Barbie movie on YouTube that happily occupied my daughter for 40 minutes

Traveler's Lounge Buffet HKIA

Salad and noodle barTraveler's Lounge Bar Area HKIA

Coffee / cake buffet

  • leofu6412


    Yes the service inside might be good. However, it has TERRIBLE policy for cancellation due to emergency.
    About three days before my trip, I paid 101.65 USD with my credit card and booked a 10-hour package on the website for connecting my flight. On that day, I had family emergency so I couldn’t make the trip. Therefore, I was able to cancel and get refund from all my flight and hotel bookings, beside Plaza Premium Lounge. The staff did not let me cancel because its policy states, “Provided that Plaza Premium Lounge at least 24 hours prior notice of a cancellation of a booking for Lounge Services from the Customer.”

    The policy above is really unreasonable, especially for an international lounge company serving in many different international airports. What happen if you have your flight cancelled due to bad weather? What happen if there is an accident and you have to rearrange your trip to the next day? WHAT HAPPEN IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY THAT HOLD YOUR TRIP BACK ON THE DAY? Don’t worry! Plaza Premium Lounge eats your money anyway. Moreover, if you do not show up, they will just shut you up with “In the event of no shows by the Customer, Plaza Premium Lounge shall be under no obligation, at any time, to issue any refund of the Charges previously paid by the Customer.”

    Even if you cancel 24 hour prior to the service time, “A cancellation fee for each person will be made of USD 10.” Therefore BE AWARE, since we can never foresee any emergency situation for our trip, I highly recommend DO NOT BOOK Plaza Premium Lounge WHEN PLANNING YOUR TRIP PERIOD!

    • Nicola

      Sorry that happened to you – I would send a message to them again to try to get your money back on this – perhaps try tweeting at them to get their PR person

  • Tim p


    The one near gate 2 is a shocker. It used to be a little oasis but its very very busy now, always a line outside of families. Kids running riot inside. Cutbacks with food too, but the bar staff are really nice.
    I used to make a point of going now ive let my card lapse and i dont bother.

    • Nicola

      You are right, the queues are getting crazy for that particular lounge

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