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Review Of The Marco Polo Lounge, Changi Airport T4

At the end of 2017, Singapore’s Changi Airport unveiled Terminal 4.  You may find yourself here if you’re flying with Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Air Asia, Cebu Air, Spring Airlines and West Air.  What’s interesting about T4 is the high level of automation going on i.e. be prepared to see no human.  This was the first time I used an electronic check-in desk that took my luggage, followed by automated immigration machine.  Have your technology wits about you for this place (i.e. phone charged and booking references at the ready). As expected with Singapore, the terminal itself is very clean although still rocking those grim carpets, spacious and pretty (check out the faux shophouses).

photo automated check-in Changi T4

Cathay Pacific now flies from T4 and so passengers (well select ones anyway), will have use their new lounge. I was lucky enough to sneak in (sort of) as Mr Jetlag is a diamond Marco Polo member.  The lounge is located on a mezzanine level above T4’s second floor departures zone.

The lounge is extremely spacious at over 9100 square foot and 200+ seats.  CX lounge lovers will be happy to know there is the famous ‘Noodle Bar’ which even has a Singaporean twist, the offer of a delicious laksa noodle in addition to their wonton and dan dan.  I am literally obsessed with the Marco Polo lounge dan dan noodles.

Marco Polo Lounge Kitchen

There’s also a small hot food buffet which will vary depending on the time of day.  We were there around breakfast so they had eggs, dim sum etc.

Marco Polo Lounge Buffet T4

I didn’t get to fully check out the booze selection as it was 8am but I’m sure it was pretty decent.

The magazine selection was a bit boring.  Local newspapers and a couple of copies of AsiaSpa. Hopefully they can up their game on this.

Marco Polo Lounge Table & Charger

The bathrooms have lovely Aesop products that you can slather yourself with before you fly.

Marco Polo Lounge T4 Bathroom

There are a couple of desktop Macs for those who need them. I often find these are good places to plonk Jetlag & Mayhem so they can watch TV whilst I eat in peace.

T4 Changi Computers

All in all, a great lounge. sadly I don’t think I’ll be accessing it again from Singapore’s Changi as my Marco Polo status has basically dropped to ‘No Madame, I don’t think you’re welcome here anymore’.

Marco Polo Lounge Seating T4


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