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Qantas With A Baby – From Hong Kong to Sydney

Thinking about booking a Qantas flight with an infant?  Here are Brooke’s tips from a recent flight from Hong Kong to Sydney.

Qantas A380

Qantas QF128 Flight Review – Economy 

Brooke & her 3 month old son

How did you book the flight?
Via Qantas Frequent Flyers

How did you get to Hong Kong Airport?
On the Airport Express

Had you made any special request for seat?
We requested a bassinet for the flights

Hong Kong Airport
The check-in process was very smooth and easy.  

Had no issues at security.  They did not make me taste the food/milk or remove the baby from the Baby Bjorn.  I was travelling alone so this was appreciated.

I fed my son at Pizza Express, a good venue to relax in pre flight.

The airport’s changing facilities were fine but you definitely need your own change mat and wipes etc.  The feeding chair doesn’t have arms for those who prefer to have somewhere to rest their arms whilst feeding.

Customer service at the Gate was fantastic and we got priority boarding.

We were flying on the Qantas A380.

The seat was fine, the bassinet row has good leg room.  You have to put your gear up above for take off and landing so ensure you are efficiently packed when getting on board and sorting what you need.

The bassinet was very small and high up so you can’t see bub from your seat.  I needed to keep standing up and bub wasn’t enjoying the space.  We didn’t end up using it.

My son took a while to settle down but overall he was well behaved.  The Qantas hosties were amazing – couldn’t have done anymore, amazing service and assistance.  I was surprised that four families with kids were all seated nearby each other.  They ended up moving me to another bassinet seat as a toddler near us was screaming for the majority of the flight.  Once we were moved my son slept deeply.

On returning to Hong Kong – note you can’t use your HKID to skip through the electronic gates if you’re with a baby/child.  It’s the HK Residents line from now on…

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    Do you know if you are able to use a blow up foot seat thingie (no idea what it is actually called?!) on a Qantas flight? I have a 2 year old and we are flying from Cape Town to Sydney in December (16 hours!)

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