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Qantas International Business Lounge Review: Melbourne Airport

Well my friends, if you find yourself knocking about Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) waiting for your flight, you’ll be pleased to know that the Qantas business lounge is pretty good.  Now please don’t think ‘oh look at her, isn’t she fancy’.  I still can’t get into these lounges and we’re certainly not flying business class.  It’s my husband that’s got the card and whilst the kids are small, we all manage to sneak in…  To see what status you need to be to get in, check here – simply telling them how fabulous you are will unfortunately not land you a seat at the table.

Overall the lounge (located in T2) is spacious and well designed.  

Qantas Lounge

Kids Facilities

The designated ‘Family Zone’ has a TV, computer, sofa, kids sized tables & chairs, books and games.  

Qantas Family Zone Qantas Family Zone 3

What’s good about it (well not necessarily for the other passengers) is that it’s not a separate room but part of the bigger lounge.  Which means you can sit and enjoy your coffee and a paper whilst your kids prance around in front of you.  Or pass out.

Qantas Melbourne Lounge Sleeping

Baby changing facilities are located in the disabled toilet.

Qantas Lounge Baby Changing


We were there during the morning hours and there was a good selection on offer for breakfast, from hot items to muesli and fruit.  I also like the coffee bar with freshly made decent coffee and another selection of breakfast pastries.  The coffee bar also has a seated area where you can order a cooked dish of the day.

Qantas Lounge Food

A word of warning to anyone who acts like I do in lounges and stuffs their pockets full of free stuff – if you are travelling to New Zealand you cannot bring it in with you.  So eat all those biscuits on the plane.


Huge banks of computers that you can plonk the kids in front of.  Not a big paper/magazine selection for adults though.

Qantas Lounge Computers


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