Be Organised with a Pre-Travel Checklist!

Ever headed to the airport and realised you’d forgotten your passport? Left it to the last-minute to organise your visa? There’s a ton of admin that always needs to be done before you jet off.  Here’s my checklist – print it out and tick off all your tasks. No excuses for forgetting to buy that travel insurance….


  1. Check you have sufficient empty pages in your passport and the expiry date.  Scan passport and take a print out with you.
  2. Organise travel insurance.
  3. Check your suitcases are indeed where you stored them.  And that they are ship-shape!
  4. Check if you require any immunizations, malaria pills etc.
  5. Verify if you require a visa for your destination.
  6. Organise pet care.  Kennels/boarding can book up far in advance and you don’t want to leave this till last minute.


  1. Print off your flight e-tickets. If you require a bassinet, phone your airline to try to confirm one.
  2. Print off your hotel confirmations.  Phone direct and confirm any special requests e.g. baby cots. Sometimes you’ll be surprised by extras they can offer e.g. steriliser and this will save you on packing.
  3. List all your travel details in one document.  I’ve been using the same template for years which I then email round to family members before I fly.  Print it out and add to your e-tickets/hotel confirmation.
  4. Print out any other travel info you need e.g. maps, activities, itinerary suggestions.
  5. Alert your neighbours to your travel plans.  Leave a spare key/alarm code with family/friends you trust.
  6. Stop all deliveries e.g. newspaper
  7. Arrange for someone to water the plants etc.
  8. Print off a packing list and pack methodically.  If there are any items that you will add at the last-minute, keep a note of these and stick it on your front door.
  9. Organise your transport to the airport.
  10. Buy foreign currency
  11. Pay your bills.  It’s always worth packing a banking security token/key fob in case of online banking overseas.


  1. Set timers if you don’t want to leave your house in the dark.  You might even want to install a home CCTV that you can check on your phone.
  2. Charge all your electronics from cameras to iPads
  3. Check in online and print off your boarding passes


  1. Finish off your packing (or start it!) and include all the items written on the note on your door.
  2. Turn everything off – appliances, gas etc
  3. Empty all the dustbins (check the kitchen sinks to make sure no remaining food lurking).
  4. Lock all the windows and doors
  5. Keep checking you have your passport, wallet and phone as you leave the house!

with love jetlag & mayhem


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