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New Mexico Roadtrip!


2 weeks, 4 flights, 1700 miles on the clock, 2 suitcases, 1 stroller, 2 kids and a mass of green chile… this is our New Mexico Road trip!

Why on earth did you guys pick New Mexico?

We live in Hong Kong and for two weeks each year, we head off on a road trip, usually in the US.  We pick the state at random, partly driven by food we have seen on Man Vs. Food and need to devour!  

Previous trips have included Texas, Colorado, Vancouver to San Francisco and California.  This year we had wanted to go to Arizona but realised that it would be way too hot so shifted our attention to the neighbouring state, New Mexico.


How did I plan our trip?

I really didn’t have too much of a clue about what we were going to do.  I knew we had just under 2 weeks to play with and that Albuquerque was somewhere I was going to have to learn to spell.  My husband bought me a New Mexico travel guide for my birthday (by Moon), which had some great itinerary ideas.  I also posted in the New Mexico forum on Tripadvisor and at least 4 very kind people responded with even more suggestions (one had even plotted a potential route on a google map for me).

How much did I book in advance?

Absolutely all of it!  I have a dorky spreadsheet which details all our activities for the day from accommodation and driving distances to things to see and places to it.  If I wasn’t travelling with two young kids, I might have left more to chance but it’s much easier to have everything pre-booked, especially when you require things like travel cots.

How did we get there?

From Hong Kong, it’s not the easiest of trips… The flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles takes 12 hours.  I had originally booked a flight to Santa Fe with American but this got cancelled.  I then booked a flight to Albuquerque with American but they decided to massively change the time of departure.  So I thought ‘scr*w you’ and decided to go with Southwest, who were awesome.

Where did we stay?

On average we would spend 2 nights in each place.  We had a mix of hotels, motels and two airbnb rentals.  The airbnb rentals were actually fairly last-minute changes. I realised that for the same price as a motel room, we could stay in a two bedroom house! I highly recommend airbnb as a way to mix up your travel plans.


I hope you enjoy reading about our road trip over the next week.  If you are thinking of doing something similar, please do get in touch as I’d love to share all our tips.

  • Celine Brewer


    New Mexico is a little random! We were there in April. It really is wonderful though! If you have time for a slight detour, I highly recommend the White Sands National Monument near Alomogordo! Your kids will love it!

    • Nicola

      We did White Sands enroute back to ABQ – it was amazing! My 5yo loved sliding down the dunes, one of the highlights of our trip

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