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My Old Holiday Snaps!

I often get asked why I started Jetlag & Mayhem. It’s for the very simple reason that my passion is travel.  I love listening to other people’s travel stories, I love planning my own trips, I dreamily watch the departures board at airports and you know I love to dole out travel advice!  The root of my obsession with travelling? My parents.

I would watch my mum pouring over travel brochures and we’d spend hours in our local travel agent, Travel The World, as they would plot our family adventures.  My dad spent evenings teaching me the capitals of the world which no doubt led me to my life as a geography geek.

Our holidays were brilliant, meticulously planned (and this was before Tripadvisor!) and full of fun; from visiting the funfairs of Fuengirola to touring the Amish villages in Pennsylvania.  As I’m back in London for a week, I took the opportunity to get out the photo albums and show my four-year old where I went as a child.  Here are 3 holiday memories that really stood out:


Oh the glamour… a trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer!  This was my first trip to France and I was utterly seduced.  Even by the ferry crossing from Dover to Boulogne.  I can still remember the food being the best I had ever tasted, rich creamy sauces and tarte tatin for dessert. Please forgive the clothes, it was the early 90s people.

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My parents were obsessed with taking us on US road trips.  This picture was taken in Zion National Park, Utah.  We were hiking up the awesome Angel’s Landing and blocking our path was a rattlesnake! Luckily two experienced hikers behind us managed to move it off the mountain with a stick and we gingerly carried on with our hike.

Wailing Wall

My sister and I at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  Even though I was young, I could sense the overwhelming significance of this hugely spiritual place.  I remember seeing people writing prayers on what looked like sweet wrappers to stick inside the crevices of the wall.  


Hope you enjoyed my pics!  What are your standout holiday memories from your childhood?  

  • Mums do travel


    I love your photos, especially the Wailing Wall. My childhood holiday memories are of travelling around Europe in a VW camper van. I hated the long journeys but we went to some great places.

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