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My Asia Travel Bucket List

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Having lived in Asia for the past ten years, I’ve had the chance to visit so many wonderful places. From the mountain town of Takayama to the bright lights of Taipei, Asia offers up a seemingly limitless pool of destinations.  Inevitably we will return home to London at some point (although no fixed plan yet mum if you’re reading!)

I’ve put together an Asian travel bucket list that I will try to work my way through.  I have decided to limit it to ten (I could have gone on forever) but I’m sure others will sneak their way on there…  If you’ve been to any of these destinations and have some wisdom to share then please do get in touch. Here’s hoping I make it to at least two!

  1. Myanmar                    November to February
    Everyone keeps telling me I need to go soon. The problem is a long weekend just won’t do it justice and we keep spending our two week vacation leave on our US road trips.  We will have to devote a fortnighter to this majestic country before we leave.  In the meantime, if you are looking for tips on taking the kids to Myanmar, read this great post my friend Liz gave me.
    Myanmar - Inle Lake
  2. Amanpulo, Philippines                   Dec to April
    If there’s one hotel I keep hinting to my husband about, it’s this one.  I have never stayed at an Aman, the pinnacle of luxury hotels.  I have coveted photos from friend’s FB pages who’ve visited this beautiful island.  It really does look like paradise.  In an ideal world, we’d leave the kids for a few days and enjoy an adults only getaway!
  3. Climbing Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia                    Feb to April
    It is a dream to climb this mountain in Borneo.  The best time to climb is Feb to April and you can usually do it in a 2day 1 night combo.  For more information on how to book your climb, check out the official guide. I would then treat myself to a stay in the Shangri La’s Rasa Ria for some swimming pool and urangutang time! I might even invite my kids to this part of it 🙂
  4. A visit to the Harbin Ice Festival                  Jan to Feb
    My Frozen enchanted daughters would love to see some real life Elsa ice palaces. There are no direct flights from Hong Kong so it might be one to save when they are a little bit older and able to cope with the cold a bit better.  Travel blogger Johnny has some super pics and advice from his visit.
    Harbin Ice Festival
  5. Mongolia                    late May to early September
    I really really really want to stay in a yurt. Whilst I’ve heard Ulanbaatar isn’t the most captivating of places, once you head out to the countryside, it is spectacular.  I found quite a fun 10 day itinerary here but I think it needs a bit more research from me other than the whole staying in a yurt thing.
  6. Xi’an, China                    March to May or September to October
    It’s not all about the terracotta warriors here but of course, it is one of the highlights. If there’s one blog you need to consult for tips on this, it’s Mint Mocha Musings!  Nicole lives in Xi’An and has some really useful posts from 48 Hours In Xian to the Terracotta Warriors
  7. Lombok & The Gili Islands (and a bit more Bali)                    April to October
    I’m often envious of people who live in Singapore, they have direct access to so many wonderful places to travel. One such place being Lombok, an island in Indonesia.  It’s pitched as a more laidback version of Bali and you can also hop on a fast boat to the crystal clear waters of the Gili Islands.  Maybe I’ll get round to doing my PADI. Probably not.
    I am also keen to discover more of Bali.  I’ve been a few times, mainly to Seminyak and Ubud. Prohibitive traffic can stop people from discovering the north of Bali but I’ve put it on the list so hopefully I’ll do it!
  8. Taroko Gorge & more of Taiwan                    October to December
    A fellow HK mum Franca, has a super travel blog filled with her interesting trips (far more adventurous than the ones we tend to do). She did a recent trip with her family where they took in Taipei then headed out to Taroko Gorge and the seaside. I’ll be copying this trip in the future! 
  9. Cruising the backwaters of Kerala, India                   October to March
    I have a romantic image of sipping on a G&T whilst playing cards (likely Frozen Uno) with my family whilst we languish through the backwaters of Kerala.  Suitcases & Strollers have got some tips on how to go about organising a boat. Lightfoot Travel have got a nice itinerary which you could use as a guideline which includes a trip to Cochin and Periyar.
    Kerala houseboat
  10. Okinawa, Japan                    July to September
    Despite living in Tokyo for three years, I never made it down to Okinawa as it actually cheaper to head to Bali or Thailand!  I would still like to discover this tropical island, I’ve heard the Ritz Carlton is fabulous.  Okinawa is actually composed of 160 islands and you can do a spot of island hopping.  Iriomote Island has been on my radar for some time, after a colleague told me it was like paradise beach meets rainforest.


One last thing.  Not destination related but on my bucket list. I would absolutely love to win a MAD Blog Award for Family Travel. If can spare a few minutes, please nominate www.jetlagandmayhem.com! No registration required.

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    I do wish I lived closer to some of these wonderful places – I’ve visited Xi’an which I loved but most of the rest are on my bucket list too. Hopefully Burma sooner than later too!

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