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My 4 year old’s 2014 Travel Bucket List

Given that my 2013 bucket list was an epic fail (didn’t cross off a single destination), I wanted to take a different tack this year.  I decided to ask my four-year old what was on her bucket list.  It started like this:

Me – ‘Daisy, what’s on your travel bucket list for next year’

Her – ‘You already bought me a bucket’

Me – ‘No I mean, where would you like to visit next year’

Her – ‘Can I go to school?’

Cue a brief interlude where I explained what I wanted her to share with me.  A lightbulb went off and she proceeded to reel off some superb destinations:
Off to Sanya!

1)  ‘I definitely want to go to London’.
This one didn’t surprise me as this is our home town where our family live (for those that don’t know, we live in Hong Kong).

2) ‘Can we go to Bali.  Is it cold there?’
Wasn’t sure she even knew where Bali was!  I’m not sure she does.. sounds like she’s overheard someone saying they’re off to Bali. Great choice though as I’d love to take the kids there.  I wonder if Daisy can afford to take me to the Four Seasons

3) ‘Macau because it’s sunny’
Not sure I’d feature this one on my bucket list personally but I’m sure we’ll end up visiting Macau in 2014 as it’s an easy weekend getaway from Hong Kong.

4) ‘South Africa, because I want to see it’
Wow, I was super impressed by this one.  Then I remembered she’s been learning about ‘Nelson Bandera’ in school.  Absolutely right Daisy, I definitely want to take you to South Africa in 2014, great bucket list destination!

5) China
When I asked what she specifically wanted to see, her response was ‘we’ll see when we get there’. Here’s hoping 2014 doesn’t bring us another last-minute overnight Chinese sleeper train extravaganza.  However, I am dreaming of trips to both Lijiang and also visiting the panda sanctuary in Chengdu.


This is a really fun game to play with your kids.  Not only will it give you a few laughs, it might also provide some 2014 travel inspiration!

  • joanneviola


    I so enjoyed reading this post! It is such fun to engage children in conversation & hear what is in their hearts & minds. May she get to see it all this year! Happy New Year to you all!!! I visited from the SITS this morning & am so glad that I did!

  • imagesbytdashfield


    Your little one has a list that many adults would envy! I’ve done #1 and want to do #4. Hi from Sharefest

  • Rachel Cotterill


    Wow, what great list, even if she doesn’t know where Bali is 😉

  • KoKoa Magazine (@KoKoaMagazine)


    I think kids should have a bucket list this is a great post I think I will have my son do one on his blog for the New Year. I don’t travel much but when we do I must go somewhere warm lol. Stopping over from SITS

  • Taylor Brione (@TaylorBrione)


    Four Years have the best imaginations ever! I’m with her on going to China!

  • Kriselle


    This is so cute. I think that’s great that your daughter already has a great interest in travel and brings up some different places, like Bali. Found you through the SITS Linky!


  • PinkOddy


    I am very impressed that at 4 she knows the names of these places, never mind the fact that she wants to visit.

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