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More Travel Blackout! Review of the Cot Canopy Breeze

Anyone who reads Jetlag & Mayhem regularly will know that I’m slightly obsessed with travel blackout. Do your kids sleeping amazingly at home and then you go on a relaxing beach holiday and they start waking up at 5.30am?  Don’t leave it to chance and invest in some travel blackout, whether it’s taking black paper and sellotape or buying a travel blackout product.

Official - Cot Canopy BreezeEnter the Cot Canopy Breeze by Content & Calm.  This cot blackout was devised by a travelling mum of two young kids who felt that darkness was the key to her kids great sleep routine at home.  It is a one size fits all blackout drape that also provides insect, shade and cat protection.

On a recent trip to London, my 17 month old was sleeping in various travel cots at different houses.  The Cot Canopy Breeze was easy to put up and what I loved about it was that the ‘apex head’ feature caters for an older baby who might be standing up in the cot.  Cot blackout can really help with adjusting a jetlagged baby and I also felt it provided a consistent sleep environment for my 17 month old who was shuttled between family member’s houses.




Cot Canopy Breeze Packaging

It comes in a relatively compact bag and will easily fit into a suitcase leaving you with room for all your other baby paraphernalia!  I highly recommend it for travel or even just to keep at a grandparents house.


The Cot Canopy Breeze is £59.99 and available to buy in the UK online here


Going to sleep in Cot Canopy Breeze

Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Cot Canopy Breeze for review.  I was not paid for this review and the opinions are mine all mine


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