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Meet The Founder: Fay From Ulo

I have known the lovely Fay for decades. Intelligent, fun and impossibly chic, I looked forward to seeing what she had in store for her new venture, Ulo. I’ve since become a loyal customer and have used the service many times, including stays at the W and Raffles Singapore.

In a nutshell, what is Ulo and how does it work?

Ulo is a curated luxury online store selling sustainable and high-end clean beauty, fashion and other travel essentials, for both adults and kids.

The name ‘Ulo’ means home in my late father’s language.

It was initially targeted at travellers away from home but now with the state of travel in 2020, we have found ourselves also taking care of customers with their home-based gifting needs.

I think a lot of people are in need of care and friendship and they’ve been using the service for that. We’ve delivered to hospitals, for birthdays and leaving gifts as well as to all the luxury hotels.

Where did you get your inspiration for Ulo?

I have always loved to travel and since being in SE Asia with the best airport in the world on my doorstep, I found myself travelling more and more for work and for pleasure. I was also consulting for luxury travel brands and concierge services, so I could see what customers were looking for.

It was on a weekend trip with my husband and small son to a luxury resort in Langkawi, that I realised that there was a gap in the market for a digital offering to serve guests while they are away from home. Even the most organised traveller can forget to pack something they need and you can then be left with sub-standard options or having to face a journey to try and locate something that you need, from eye makeup remover to sunscreen. When you only have a weekend away, you just want to relax and enjoy it, or if travelling for work, you simply haven’t got the time to shop!

After working in the fashion and beauty industry for almost two decades, I’d become more and more engaged in clean beauty and sustainable fashion and knew that both of these aspects would be central to anything I did.

What’s the worst thing you’ve forgotten to pack on a trip?

Eye makeup remover is a classic one. And moisturiser! I love to pack for trips and think of myself as being organised but transferring products between toiletry bags is always a danger!

3 favourite items that you can shop at Ulo?

I love feeling warm and taken care of (hence the ‘home’ in Ulo) and so one of my favourites, which was one of the first brands in our curation, is the Tallis cashmere scarf. Tallis is a sustainable brand from Geneva who produce their own garments as well as working in the eco-education space. They fix any garment that you buy with a lifetime guarantee and use sustainable resources across their whole supply chain. Certainly fashion with a conscience.

I’m also obsessed with Elysian5 coffee scrubs (soon to be in travel size on Ulo). Founded by a pair of female founders in Singapore and leveraging their Greek heritage to find coffee that could tie in with a natural line of beauty products.

Finally, no traveller (or anyone living in SE Asia) can be without stylish eyewear. Truth&All sunglasses are made from biodegradable materials from Italy and are handmade by a family-run business in Greece. I have the Dolphin style for daily wear.

And a bonus one, which is new to the site (sorry I always find it hard to stick to a short-list!), Ubu sustainable swimwear’s Turkish towels. They are so beautifully designed that they work for stylish home-ware as well as being functional, lightweight towels.

Favourite hotel in the world?

That’s a tough one – hotels have played such a part in the most important events of my life. My husband proposed to me at Claridges in London so I think that was the first important hotel in my life and therefore remains a firm favourite.

First place you’ll travel to when you can?

I have been desperate to go to Seoul – an obvious fashion and beauty mecca. I would also love to spend some time in South America – especially in Argentina and Uruguay.

Where do we find ulo and where can you deliver to?

You can find Ulo at ulotravel.co and follow us @ulotravel on IG

We deliver island-wide in Singapore within 4 hours when you order by 6pm. So if you need something on the same day, we can help.


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