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Meet The Blogger: Gretta From Mums Do Travel

On the blog this week, Gretta Schifano from Mums Do Travel.  If you haven’t checked out her site, add it to your favourites immediately!  Jampacked with tips, trip reviews and lots more, it is one of my go to travel blogs for inspiration on where to travel, especially her Europe posts.


Describe your travel style in three words

Family, culture, comfort.

What’s your favourite family friendly destination?

My favourite family-friendly travel destination is Italy. It’s a beautiful and varied country, children are welcome everywhere, the food is fantastic and you’re never far from a UNESCO World Heritage site. We went to the Italian island of Sicily this summer and had a lovely time exploring there.


Where’s on your travel bucket list for 2015?

We’re having family discussions at the moment about where to go in 2015. We’re thinking about having a sunny break in the Canary islands during the Easter holidays and for our main summer trip we’d like to go somewhere which we haven’t visited before. I’ve been reading up about Cambodia and Vietnam but it will have to be somewhere which everyone in the family wants to go to. My children are 16 and 11 years old now and my husband and I involve them in decisions about family holidays.

Have you ever had any epic travel fails? 

Travel fail: The worst journey I ever took was flying back from one of the Greek islands (I can’t remember which) with my husband and baby daughter. We had to get home quickly because my mother-in-law was seriously ill. There were no direct flights for a few days and so we had to take two flights. As soon as the first flight took off my daughter, sitting on my lap, started throwing up. She kept on puking for the whole journey and by the time we arrived in London the three of us were stinky and practically naked as we’d peeled off as many vomit-covered clothes as we could. Since then I always take lots of plastic bags and spare clothes in our hand luggage on flights!

Places to avoid?

Anywhere outside the UK which offers an ‘all-day English breakfast.’

What’s your number 1 packing tip?

My number one packing tip on flights is for each member of the family to divide their clothes between all of the suitcases which are being checked in to the hold. This means that if any of your suitcases don’t turn up everyone will still have something to wear.

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  • Mums do travel


    Thanks for featuring me Nicola and for your kind words.

  • Sarah


    Love Gretta’s blog too (and yours of course) – and stuff on Italy is particularly fab!

    • Nicola

      Thanks Sarah, would love to have you on one week too 🙂

  • Adam Sommer


    Nice interview – good questions. Looks like I have another blogger to follow!

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