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Long Haul Flight Tips – Virgin London Heathrow to San Francisco

There was a time when my friend Sarah & I slung our backpacks on and travelled the world together… Now we’re travelling with Trunkis and toddlers in tow…  Sarah moved from London to San Francisco a few years ago and regularly makes the trip back to see family.  Here are her long haul flight tips from a recent flight: 

Sarah, Oliver (3) & Max (15 mth)

London Heathrow T3 – San Francisco
Take kids food!  Even though I’d pre ordered the kids meal it was beef casserole which I didn’t think was very kid friendly and neither did Oliver – I’d expected chicken nuggets or something and needless to say he didn’t like it so I’m glad I had packed sandwiches

Long Haul Hand Luggage List:
– nappies (x1/every 2 hours of flight including time at airport)
– wipes
– full change of clothes for both kids
– lots of food (bagels, pasta, fruit, snacks, cereal bars/as much space as I’ve got plus a “treat” for take off and landing to bribe them to stay seated)
– Ergo baby carrier (love -def recommend)
– ipad
– books a couple- normally one which I can read for Oliver and one which is entertaining for them for Max i.e. with flaps to lift or mirrors or something
– a couple of small toys each
– teddies for night flights
Oliver always takes his trunki which has the toys, books and teddies and usually their spare clothes. I take a changing bag with food, passports etc
One tip is its not always that easy with space/having enough hands to get what you need out of hand luggage so i put things in bags.
Snack pots are good for the plane and I put a mixture of little snacks in them – kids can fit their fingers in but hard for snacks to fall out – even Max 15 mths uses it
Annoyingly on arrival, the stroller isn’t delivered to the aircraft door, you have to wait for it at the Luggage Carousel.

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