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Lonely Planet Kids Books for Summer Travel

Jetlag & Mayhem like to moan about the fact they don’t have as many electronic gadgets as their friends.  It is true, they don’t have an iPad and they don’t have an iPhone.  This is because they are 9 and 6!  Why would they need their own!  I’m not one of those mums that’s snobbish about screen time. It’s just I know my two little ladies find these gadgets highly addictive and so I have to limit their time on them.  Which means when it comes to travel I go old school and pack lots of activity books from colouring to stickers.  By all means they can watch as much telly as they like on the plane and they might ask for a play on my iphone.  But sometimes there’s just no replacement for good old fashioned fun.  You can take activity books out to restaurants, they are brilliant if you get delayed at an airport (thanks Singapore Airlines) and I do enjoy seeing my kids away from a screen.  Which brings me onto the latest in the Lonely Planet Kids series.  Lonely Planet Kids aims to inspire and encourage young readers to learn about the world around them with engaging books on culture, people, geography, nature, history, space and more. We recently tested out the following books…

Brain Teasers Ages 5-8

If your child is into riddles, quizzes, wordsearch, logic problems then they’ll love this. I actually would adjust the suitable age 6 to 9/10 years old.  It’s a really fun book and even I enjoyed nicking it off the kids occasionally!

My Holiday Scrapbook Ages 5-8

This book is for collecting and storing mementoes from your travels.  However it only really works if you remember to bring sellotape/glue with you so that you can stick in tickets, souvenirs etc.  I used to buy a plain diary for my kids to try and journal (which they never did). The Holiday Scrapbook is an easier compromise as they find it more enjoyable to use.

My Holiday Drawing Book Ages 5-8

We all loved this book and it’s perfect for bringing out to dinner etc.  Don’t forget pencils and colouring pens!  Miss Mayhem who is an avid artist, loved the creative drawing activities.  This one saved us during a very long delay at Ho Chi Minh airport.  Our gadgets were all out of juice and we all joined in the doodling.

My Family Travel Map Ages 8-12

Each My Family Travel Map unfolds into a giant, detailed continent map ready for kids to personalize by adding stickers to mark their family’s travels and favourite locations. On the other side of the map are lots of fun facts. These maps aren’t to take on hols, they are more to enjoy at home. There are 3 available; Europe, North America and Australia. The Europe one was a bit lost on Jetlag & Mayhem as they haven’t travelled much there. On the flipside they loved sticking on to North America as we have covered quite a bit of the country on roadtrips. It was funny to watch them figure out exactly where they’ve been from a geographic perspective!

LP Kids Map

Yet again, another lovely selection of fun, colourful, educational activity books from Lonely Planet Kids. If I had to pick a favourite, I would probably go for the Brain Teasers.  All the books are reasonably priced, check out their website for order/shipping options.



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