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Kids Travel Booster Seat: The Boostapak Review

What do you do on holiday when you don’t have a children’s car seat available? On a recent trip to Sri Lanka we had several long car journeys planned but were unable to get hold of a car seat. This is when our Trunki BoostApak saved the day.

Daisy wearing Trunki Boostapak

Essentially a backpack meets child booster, this is a must-have product for those traveling without a car seat (although you have to pay extra for the grumpy child).
Daisy riding in the Trunki Boostapak
The backpack is suitable for 4-12yo (15-36kg) but I would say best suited to those age 5 and over, as the bag is quite heavy.  The beauty of it is your kids can use it as a normal backpack for their hand luggage and you have a car seat on the other side. It’s quite roomy inside and a further mesh pocket.
Trunki CollageThe booster seat is fast to assemble (important if you are getting in and out of taxis).  Simply remove the outer cover which is attached with velcro and pop open the black side bits.  Then loop the seatbelt through the shoulder strap and through the sides.
This product gives you peace of mind that your child is more secure, especially in developing countries where the roads are more dangerous and there’s less likelihood you’ll get a car seat.
The bag comes in several colours – black & green, black & pink, special edition Lotus and Hello Kitty. My daughter’s Hello Kitty garnered quite a few envious ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ at the airport.
I really don’t see any downside apart from its weight, so if you’re using it for a younger child, you might be carrying it yourself. Of course it isn’t going to be as secure as a car seat that’s permanently fixed but it’s a great halfway house if you’ve got nothing.  It’s also useful to have as a seat during other airport queues!
Daisy sitting on Trunki Boostapak
Where can I buy it?
The Hello Kitty Trunki Boostapak is HKD 899 and available in Hong Kong from BumpstoBabes, Ourbaby, Baby Central and other retailers.  Overseas, check out the Trunki website to see where to buy.
Jetlag & Mayhem was sent a Trunki Boostapak for review. I was not paid for this piece and it’s all my opinion.
  • Penny Venaglia


    Hi, I live in Australia and I am travelling to the UK for just over 3 weeks early next year and I need one of these Boostapaks. Where can I get one from? Thanks Penny

    • Nicola

      Hi Penny
      I’m not sure about Australia, best to Tweet to Trunki to see how you can get hold of one

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