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Kid-Friendly Travel Essentials That Are Worth The Investment

Kid-Friendly Travel Essentials That Are Worth the Investment

The idea of travelling with children is fun and exciting—that is, until you think about the costs associated with it. Travelling with children, irrespective of the destination, is never cheap, but it doesn’t mean that it has to break the bank. Parents who are looking to save some money can find some things to scrimp on, but there are non-negotiable essentials that are worth splurging on so your kids will feel comfortable throughout the entirety of the trip. Here are some of the things that are worth investing in:

Travel Car Seat

Going on a trip with a newborn? You may get away with sitting them on your lap on the plane, but you will still need a portable car seat for your little one once you get your rental car. Parents.com notes that the seat you end up bringing should feature side-impact protection that supports their head, and also have compatibility with the LATCH system to easily fasten the base.

A Good Stroller

A good, reliable stroller is always a must so your little ones can have a place to rest when they grow tired of walking around. The jet setting family may choose to invest in a lightweight, compact model, but as reiterated in our discussion on the ‘Top 5 Compact Lightweight Travel Strollers’, these prams may not be as sturdy as your day-to-day stroller and may feel unsteady on tougher terrain. They also offer less sunshade and storage and don’t recline quite as much. Families with twins may opt for double pushchairs or the more popular tandem pushchair. The tandem pushchairs on iCandy show how modern designs allow for easier manoeuvrability because they are the same width as a single stroller, making them easy to bring onto public transport and move around busy streets. Despite being a bit more expensive, these pushchairs give you more leeway with storage and comfort for your kids, while also still being stylish and sturdy enough for your travels.

Carry-on Bag

Ideally, you should be toting around a carry-on bag that contains all the essentials your kids need. The bag has to be sturdy enough to be brought anywhere, as well as spacey enough to store everything your child may have to use throughout the trip. The New York Times details that if you want to be a prepared parent, the carry-on bag has to include these must-haves: diapers, pull-ups, a changing pad, diaper cream, plastic bags for soiled clothes, bibs, extra change of clothes, favourite snacks, and entertainment options like books and colouring kits.

Baby wipes and hand sanitiser

When you’re travelling to places you’re not familiar with, you never really know what you and your kids may catch. Children’s bodies are not developed for most natural immunities, so they may get sick when exploring unfamiliar terrain, especially when it’s an area full of other strangers. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so you may want to take precautions and bring antibacterial hand sanitisers with you at all times. Today’s Parent also underscores how important it is to bring baby wipes wherever you go, allowing you to have something to clean with when things get particularly messy and when proper hand washing is hard to come by.

Travelling with kids should be a joy, but it pays to make sure you have the right essentials.


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