Jetlag & Mayhem’s 2017 Travel Year In Review

Wow, what a year 2017 has been for my travels and I.  Unlike people who nonchalantly book things at last-minute, I usually have a full year of travel planned, to take advantages of public holidays, air miles and cheap deals. However even by my standards 2017 was more jam-packed than ever due to a significant life event. We relocated from our wonderful home of 10 years, Hong Kong to the Lion City, Singapore.  Due to the job change, Mr Jetlag received a once in a lifetime opportunity – 3 months off work!  Which I promptly filled with several trips before he’d even had the chance to hide the credit card. We had some magnificent adventures and for those of you who might be planning similar trips, here’s where we went with links to the trip reviews….

A week’s roadtrip to the South Island of New Zealand driving Christchurch – Lake Tekapo – Aoraki/Mt Cook – Oamaru – Dunedin – Akaroa. The South Island will always have a special place in our heart as it’s where we spent our honeymoon. Needless to say, it’s still as stunning as ever and it was amazing to visit all the places we didn’t get the chance to visit on our first trip. Plus bring along the two extra stragglers with us.

A luxury (and no kids) wedding anniversary treat to the Amanpulo in the Philippines. I have been banging on about wanting to visit an Aman hotel for years. To celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, I finally managed to wear down Mr Jetlag and we booked the eye-watering (in both price and beauty), Amanpulo.  I can’t shout from the rooftops enough about just how beautiful this private island resort is.  I am just wondering when is an appropriate time to suggest it again, silver wedding anniversary?!

The bucket list trip of a lifetime to magical Bhutan. In a jam-packed travel year, this was probably my highlight. I have always wanted to visit Bhutan and as soon as Mr Jetlag found out he had time off, I informed him that Bhutan was where he had always wanted to go. Within moments off him acquiescing, I had the trip booked and our 5 day Bhutanese adventure was everything I could have dreamed of. 

Family weekend getaway to the Angsana, Phuket

Month’s US roadtrip to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Originally we had a two week trip planned to take Jetlag & Mayhem to Disney World.  With the unexpected time off, we added an extra two weeks and went north to visit Savannah, Charleston and St Augustine, in addition to originally itinerary. The trip was made even more special by the surprise visit of my sister and her family.

Christmas/New Year vacation in Phuket, Thailand. We are here now in Baan Bon Khao, Phuket generally lazing around and eating copious amounts of delicious food. I’ll review the villa in 2018 but from what we have experienced so far, it is amazing.

So that was me, what about the rest of the team that make up Jetlag & Mayhem? Are they remotely aware of all the amazing places they visited this year? Or does their memory only stretch back to the last ice-cream they had?  Here we have Mr Jetlag, Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem and special guest, Jetlag-in-law to share their 2017 travel memories….

Where did you go this year?

Miss Jetlag – ‘Florida, New Zealand, Angsana, Phuket, South Carolina, Georgia’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘Hong Kong, Greece, Singapore, Thailand’

Where was your favourite place?

Miss Jetlag – ‘Florida because I went to Disneyland!’

Miss Mayhem – ‘Florida, Disneyland!’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘Singapore because I expected one thing and it far outshone my expectations’

Mr Jetlag – ‘First can I just say Im often overshadowed in this blog so it’s nice to finally be asked some questions. My favourite place was the Amanpulo. It is the closest I’ve found to paradise on earth.’

On all your travels, what was your favourite food?

Miss Jetlag – ‘I liked the fried chicken in Florida and the pad thai in Thailand and the goldfish crackers in New Zealand.’

Miss Mayhem – ‘The ice cream sandwich in Disneyland’

Mr Jetlag – ‘Probably right now, here in Phuket. Thai home cooking by the chefs at the villa Baan Bon Khao’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘In Greece, lobster linguini at the Ouziki restaurant in Halkidiki’

What was your favourite attraction / museum?

Mr Jetlag – ‘I loved taking the kids to Disney World’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘Gardens By the Bay, Singapore’

Mesdames Jetlag & Mayhem – ‘Magic Kingdom’

What was the most spectacular outdoor beauty you encountered?

Mr Jetlag – ‘Lake Punakiki, South Island of New Zealand. Closely edges out the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan and Haad Yuan in Koh Phangan’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘Viewing Singapore from the Singapore flyer’

Miss Jetlag – ‘Seeing penguins in Dunedin’

Airline of the year?

Mr Jetlag – ‘Cathay Pacific, unrivalled excellence’

Miss Jetlag – ‘Cathay Pacific’

Miss Mayhem – ‘Business Class’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘I’ve only ever done BA’

Most disappointing place of 2017?

Mr Jetlag – ‘I want to say Epcot. Feels dated’

Miss Jetlag – ‘the one that showed you what life was like on a boat’

Miss mayhem – ‘ the Pirate museum’

What’s on the bucket list for 2018?

Mr Jetlag – ‘Koh Phangan again.  The opening of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Tennessee.’

Jetlag-in-law – ‘Orient Express anywhere in the world’

Miss Jetlag – ‘Palawan beach in the Philippines and I’d like to go to Scotland.’

Miss Mayhem – ‘Denmark.  Because that’s where lego HQ is.’





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