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How To Sterilize Baby Bottles on Holiday

When you’re traveling with a baby, packing can seem a bit ‘everything but the kitchen sink’. There’s the buggy, sleeping gear, feeding gear, toys, nappies… the list is never ending!  But do you really need to bring everything with you? How do you do things like sterilize your baby bottles in a hotel room?  Well we are here to help answer that query!  Following a recent trip to Thailand with her six month old, my sister-in-law Emily shares her sterilizing top tips….

microwave steriliser bag

Sterilizing On The Plane

We sterilized all our baby bottles before we got on the plane so we wouldn’t have to sterilize enroute.  We carried more bottles than we needed to and filled them with boiled water at home.  Security at Heathrow was fine and let us through with all our baby bottles and water, without the need to open them.

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Sterilizing Bottles in A Hotel Room

Firstly, wash all the bottles, teats, feeding equipment in warm soapy water, then rinse in cold water.  We packed a washing up brush where you can fill the handle with liquid, plus washing liquid.

sterilizing bottles with milton

The next step is to create the sterile solution.  We filled a tupperware tub with water (you can either use boiled from the hotel kettle or water straight from the top). Ensure the water cools.  Drop a Milton tablet into the water and this creates a sterile solution which lasts for 24 hours. If you’re planning to do this, don’t forget to bring a tupperware box in your suitcase. Make sure it’s sufficiently large (ours holds 5 litres of water). If you forget, you can always request a tub from the front desk or even use the ice bucket!

After you’ve created the Milton bath, you can drop the bottles in to the water.  Milton says the bottles are ready after 15 minutes of soaking but we would leave in for a minimum of 1-2 hours.  We would do this at night so that in the morning all the bottles were ready.

Sterilizing Bottles At A Self-Catering Apartment/Villa

Our MAM bottles are self sterilising. This means you can sterilise them in the microwave without the need for extra sterilising equipment.

mam self-sterilize bottles

You simply build them up in a certain way and put them in the microwave, I highly recommend them!

Mam self-sterilising bottles

For all the other baby equipment e.g. feeding and syringes, we used Microwave sterilizing bags (MaxStrength from Amazon).  I would say these are no easier than using than Milton tablets, if you don’t have access to a microwave.  Supposedly you can re-use the bags up to 20 times.

inside microwave steriliser bag

Sterilizing Packing List

  • Washing up brush
  • Washing up liquid
  • Large tupperware container
  • Milton tablets
  • Microwave Sterilizer bags
  • Self-sterilizing baby bottles
  • Azira



    I just want to ask after you do Milton bath and soaks the bottle for 1-2 hours. Did you dry the bottle after that ? Or you just store the bottle without drying it.

    This is my first time travel with my baby so i’m panicking right now. Haha.

    • Bambootreg69

      Didn’t dry the bottle, just left it. Good luck with your trip!

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