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Healthy Travel Tips: The Survival Handbag Kit

It’s Monday again and it’s time to think about being healthy!  Mia from Graciously Green shares her final post on what you can do to stay in tip-top condition when you’re travelling with the kids:

What should be in your handbag survival kit?

  • High-mineral salt such as Himalayan Pink Salt – processed salt is your worst enemy when it comes to bloating, not to mention what it can do to your heart-health and I’m talking the usual processed white stuff you see just about everywhere, and it’s added to everything.Himalayan Salt
    I always carry little sachets or a little tub of a high-mineral salt for my food, salads and water.  That’s right, I add salt to my water as it helps to mineralize and structure it and therefore, actually hydrate me!
  • Sweetener – on holiday and everywhere actually, everything comes with hidden sugars.  By carrying a little bottle or sachets of a plant-based sweetener like stevia, you can sweeten your smoothies and tea without adding toxicity and affecting your blood sugar.  I advise to avoid aspartame as your sweetener because this is a very dangerous neurotoxin.  I don’t mess with my words.  For me, stevia is the best option for a drink sweetener, and preferably the whole-leaf version such as with Planetary Herbals, as it’s less processed than other alternatives
  • Enzymes – my lifesaver when it comes to uneasy digestion.  Man, these little supplements are so good.  We have only so many enzymes to break down fat, protein and carbohydrates in our body in our lifetime.  Years of eating processed junk and cooked enzyme-less foods means many of us have depleted our enzyme store.  By taking a few high-quality enzyme supplements before or after a heavy meal, you can save yourself a lot of discomfort later.  Look out for enzymes and supplements full of ‘fillers’.  Visit your local health food store and buy the best you can afford.  This tip could change  your digestive life forever.  I recommend Quantum Nutrition and Garden of Life as general brands (available at health food stores).
  • Digestion emergency supply – to avoid tummy troubles.  My secret is Chia seeds.  I take some sachets of these magical little super-seeds with me to add to my water to make porridge or to make up a chia smoothie for breakfast.  Chia-seeds are not only full of brain and heart loving omega3 oils which most of us are deficient in, but they also act as a ‘sweeping brush’ for the digestion, making you feel light and wonderful again within a few hours.  They’re also full of protein and will give you energy for hours, so you will not be tempted by any sugary sweets.  See here for one of my chia recipes.
    Chia Seeds
  • Food grade mint essential oils and antiseptic oil.  I carry mint around with me for stuffy noses on travels, refreshing breath and lifting my mood in seconds.  Antiseptic oil can help with bites, cuts, grazes and stings.
  • Pack your healthy trail mix – I avoid being caught out feeling peckish when on the run with this delicious recipe

Happy Travels!

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If you want to know more about how Mia (Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef) can support you on your journey to health contact her on mia@graciouslygreen.com.  Check out her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GraciouslyGreen


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