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Healthy Travel Survival Tips: Plane Snacks

Tomorrow is the start of a well needed week-long detox with the fabulous Mia of Graciously Green. Whilst I try to steer my kids towards a healthy start on our travels, it’s hard to keep them eating well while we’re away (yes Texas road trip, you did not help).  I asked Mia for her tips on healthy eating when travelling.  She’s so full of great advice that you will see a number of these posts in the coming few weeks!


Healthy eating while travelling is usually at the end of the to-do-list by the time you’ve managed to finish up at work, pack the children’s cases, pack your own case, as well as make sure all the airport pick ups are organized military style – food comes last.

What if I told you that being prepared food-wise could mean a massive difference between you and the children feeling calm, light and happy, or miserable, sluggish and tired.  Suddenly, food is no. 1 priority.

Graciously Green Plane Food


Prepare plane snacks – by taking just a few minutes to prepare some yummy fresh food snacks for the airport and journey, could mean the difference between having sugar-high moody devil children or little angels. These snacks could also help parents with saying no to the not so healthy snacks at the airport:

My go-to-snacks are:

  • Carrot (or any fresh veggies and apple sticks with raw almond nut butter.  You can actually buy raw nut-butter in sachets at most health-food stores, there are even cacao flavoured ones (healthy chocolate!).  Packed with fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and good fats, this is a very satisfying snack and will keep hunger at bay for a few hours.  I buy my veggies from Eat FRESH organic delivery service because I know the produce is local and chemical free. 
  • Trail-mix of cacao nibs, goji berries, spirulina crunchy seeds and Stephen James Organic Pili-nuts – this superfood mix (for parents and children) is full of anti-oxidant and immune-supportive goodness, which is ideal for keeping any plane-bugs at bay.  Spirulina and gojis are protein-rich and will give you a nice even energy without the need for coffee.  Just mix in a zip-lock bag or container and you have a snack you can keep in your hand luggage for the entire journey.
  • Homemade popcorn is always a winner with little ones – the ay before, simply pop some organic GMO-free cornels in a pan with a touch of coconut oil and a splash of cinnamon (this will sweeten the popcorn and is good for lowering blood-pressure).  Keep in a zip lock bag or container for easy travel.  I’m not always about the raw food – I often look for upgrades to unhealthy snacks, and this is a great healthy fibre-filled upgrade to trans-fat and additive filled crisps and chips.

Happy Travels!

You can follow Mia on Facebook, for daily tips and recipes, as well as news on upcoming raw food demos & tastings.  

If you want to know more about how Mia (Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef) can support you on your journey to health contact her here or at mia@graciouslygreen.com

  • Brian


    Jet lag is difficult to overcome when traveling. My advice: as soon as the plane takes off, set your watch for the time zone in which you will land. Start thinking of yourself already in that time zone and try to get into step with sleeping and eating as much as possible.

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