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Healthy Travel Survival Tips: Part 2

Today I finished up a week long detox with Mia at Graciously Green.  I have to say a week of no caffeine, green juices, raw foods and supplements has left me feeling…. amazing!  This is in stark contrast to my usual Saturday mornings of feeling tired, sluggish and hungover (!)

Luckily Mia has some more tips to keep you and the kids healthy on your travels:

Graciously Green Raw on Vacation

  • Pack your greens – this doesn’t really fit into my handbag, but it always goes into my case: green-powder (basically a replacement for green juice and leaves).  Green powders contain masses of health-supportive goodness.  Mixed with a fresh juice or smoothie every morning at your destination, will help to keep you in top-top shape, even out blood-sugar levels, provide you with essential vitamins and minerals and will keep you feeling radiantly alive, not only on holiday but everyday.  If your kids are not so keen on greens and are living off pizza on holiday, then sneak this into a fruit smoothie so they don’t know they’re getting some greens! Call it ‘magic powder’ 🙂  I recommend Vitamineral Green or Quantum Nutrition Labs Greens, available at health-food stores.
  • Try incorporating raw foods as much as possible – my biggest piece of advice for travelling and eating healthy is to add raw and fresh foods as much as you can to your meals and snacks, even if that is just a green salad with or before every meal.  As a Raw Food Chef, I highly recommend a high-raw diet everyday anyway, however, choosing raw food options will help you massively when it comes to travelling.  Raw foods are full of life force, natural living enzymes (which help you break down and assimilate nutrition), vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and this has not been compromised with a heating process.  You will feel fresh and ready for a fun adventure!You could start by simply choosing the ‘raw vegan’ special meal on your flight.  Cathay Pacific provides a yummy salad with fresh fruit and a raw salad.  You can pre-order this meal on booking your ticket.  Best part is, your meal comes before everybody elses!  Trust me, eating a pre-cooked and heavy meal (usually full of salt) with a glass of wine on the plane, will begin to wreak havoc on your digestion and dehydrate you, all before you even land.
    Graciously Green Plane Salad
  • Ask for ‘no sugar’ when ordering on holiday, especially smoothies and drinks.  You’d be surprised where sugar is added, giving you only empty calories.  I was in Malaysia just recently and I ordered a ‘Virgin Mary’.  The bartender was about to add heaped teaspoons of processed salt and sugar before I said ‘stop’!

For more tips from Mia on healthy snacks for kids on the planel click here

If you want to know more about how Mia (Certified Health Coach and Raw Food Chef) can support you on your journey to health contact her here or mia@graciouslygreen.com

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    Thank you jetlag & Mayhem – we love your blog! Very proud of you finishing the detox today! 🙂 Mia @ gracioulsygreen. x

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